Tamriel Rebuilt is a big undertaking. There is a lot to do, but many hands make light work and for that we need your help. If you love Morrowind and its world, if you are interested in the creation of mods or games, or if you just want a creative outlet in a lively online community, consider contributing to our project in some way.

What does Tamriel Rebuilt do?

There are many types of work that go on at Tamriel Rebuilt on a daily basis. Here are some of the more common activities that we can always use an extra hand with:

  • Level design: With the help of Morrowind's Construction Set, you build the exterior world, the cities and settlements, the houses, caverns and temples that the player visits in the game.
  • Story development: You create the many quests for the player to undertake, you create interesting characters and write dialogue.
  • 3D art: Even though our project builds upon an existing game, we have too little to work with to create the rest of Morrowind just like that. You have the 3D skills to provide us with everything ranging from architecture, across wildlife and equipment, to even the little colorful knickknacks that we need to build our game world.
  • Concept art: Morrowind is a place of wonder and you have the imagination and the artistic skills to show us what it should look like. You help us visualize the world and create the designs that 3D artists work from.
  • Writer: Morrowind has a vast fictional background and much of it is conveyed through text. You have a way with words and help us expand that world, making it even more captivating and fantastical.

How do I join?

First and foremost, make an account for yourself on our forum. On the forum, you can get in touch with project members and familarize yourself with how we do things through some of the pinned topics and FAQs. Members are also encouraged to visit our chatroom, accessible either here, or through IRC protocol at #tamriel (on the network).

If your interests lie in creating in-game content such as cities, dungeons & quests, we request that you make a 'showcase' topic in the Showcase subforum; please make only one, even if you want to showcase work in multiple fields. A showcase is basically a small bit of work that you do specifically for Tamriel Rebuilt to demonstrate your skills with the tools, your eye for detail and your grasp of the style of Morrowind's content. More senior members will review your work and give you pointers. Don't worry if everything isn't completely perfect the first time around, because you can edit your work as much as needed. Even if this is your first experience with Morrowind's modding tools, you're welcome to give it a try. In the showcase forum, you'll also find further instructions on how to make a showcase and join the project.

3D artists, concept artists, writers and others are welcome to contribute in any way possible. We don't require artists to make a showcase at this time, but Tamriel Rebuilt does maintain high technical and aesthetic standards in all areas of the project, including our art assets. We will always try to give you valuable feedback, but we may not use art assets submitted to us that do not meet the project's needs. Bearing that in mind, TR seeks to foster an environment for creative development, and artists/writers of all skill levels are welcome to post a showcase of their work. Any artist or writer who is interested in working with us in the longer term and has proven themselves able to meet our standards can also opt join the team as a developer in the fields of story development and asset production.