Indoril Exquisite Clothing

Very fancy and elaborate clothes generally worn by illuminated elders, especially those with castle estates. I have ideas for three further sets aside from this one, the 'divine set': the 'pilgrim' set, the 'prophet' set and the 'saint' set. Note that I only use those labels for my convenience; in-game I imagine they'd all just be exquisite clothing.

Asset Request: Red Moment Cutscene

Requested, the storyboards and cutscene illustrating what happened leading up to Nerevar's death, and the creation of the mural from the Foul Murder plotline (bonus if you show a bonewalker painting it!). Other things to include may be snippets of a meeting of the Tribunal, past Nerevarines, Dagoth Ur's creation, and the Battle under Red Mountain.

Asset Request: Peakstar's Parable

During the Foul Murder plotline, the player is made to find four ringlets of Alandro Sul's Wraithmail, so that they can summon him to ask about the real story of what happened under Red Mountain. To illustrate this, Peakstar (and possibly some Ashlander wise women) tells a folktale of how four foolish Ashlanders had their Truth stolen from them by the House of Troubles. Note this story is told through dialogue instead of a book.

Off-shoulder armour

Ashstaar's shoulder- / half- / chest-plates from concept art,

The neck version includes "scarves", the earlier chest version doesn't.
Made to fit over robes, some empty space unavoidable if worn bare-chested (acceptable, can only be seen from below)

Low Level Almas Thirr Temple Quests

Wanted: Temple faction quests to go into Almas Thirr, to accompany these ( as low level quests. These should have a thematic focus on the Thirr River conflict, and should be kept relatively simple, easy, and restricted to the Aanthirin and the surrounding regions. Also included should be information on the purpose of Almas Thirr in our canon, plus what the bloodstone shrine is.

Telvanni Rainhat

A very practical hat, made out of seaslugs that only protects from the rain, but is often worn by Telvanni guards while on guard duty.
Also popular as a travel hat.

It’s a soft and very colorful hat, maybe the colors glow a bit in the night?

Telvanni Merchant Hats

Idea for a Telvanni merchant guild/class who can be recognized by sometimes wearing seashells as hats. Rot suggested that they could also be found in Tear, selling and buying goods.

They come in many forms, colors exist but are mostly muted.


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