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Vanilla-style guarskin banners are needed for Vhul, Dondril and possibly Almas Thirr.

Vhul and Dondril need guarskin banners in the style of vanilla banners. Dondril has a banner in Tamriel_Data, but it's in the Indoril style, which should be reserved for proper Indoril locations. I'd consider one for Almas Thirr as well; while it's large enough to not really require a banner, it's still technically a Velothi town clinging to a canton fortress.

File Banner models and textures.39.91 KB2017-12-06 21:26
File Animations should work on these ones.40.14 KB2017-12-07 00:33
File Files + .esp40.35 KB2017-12-07 00:47


I've uploaded the meshes and

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I've uploaded the meshes and textures. The banner doesn't properly animate in game, and I'm not sure if I'll have time today to take care of that (it should be an easy fix, but I forgot how to do it).

Posted a fixed file that

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Posted a fixed file that properly animates, courtesy of Rot. This is ready for review.
Edit: oops, actually, I'll attach an .esp. One moment... done.