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Found along and near Veloth's path, Aeolian Gourd Harps attract wayward spirits to Veloth's path, from which they can continue to Necrom to seek peace. Locals often place bones at the base of the harps in the hopes that pilgrims will carry them to Necrom. The model should generally blend in with Velothi architecture.

File v1608.77 KB2017-05-22 19:43
File v2: Added depressions to model, tried to tweak vertex shading a little.599.16 KB2017-08-30 06:42
File v3: Added ESP599.42 KB2017-08-30 09:58
File harp_loop_mono.wav3.77 MB2017-10-30 22:38
File v4: Updated ESP, added sound2.42 MB2017-10-31 11:21
Binary Data v5: an updated version of the ESP4.46 KB2017-11-06 16:13


That one looks really great

Ragox's picture

That one looks really great already sirrah, such a unique design! yessmiley
Perhaps you could add some vertex shadow to smoothen the texture transitions a bit?

This had unfortunately

Gnomey's picture

This had unfortunately slipped my mind for a long while, but it looks excellent.
Rather than the holes in the side just being textures, I'd consider creating depressions in the model which fade into black.
I do see Ragox's point with the vertex shading, but I think the current appearance does fit with vanilla Velothi assets like the shrines, so I think it can be left as-is.

The latest file looks good to

Gnomey's picture

The latest file looks good to me; the model looks right at home in-game. And I'm rather eager to put it in-game, so I hope this can make its way to 'ready for merging' ASAP.

Version 4 up. Added a sound

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Version 4 up.

Added a sound effect to the harp. The instrument sings only when the weather is right (no rain). Scale of the harp affects the pitch the sound plays (the bigger it is the lower the sound). If place indoors the harp doesn't sing, but there's a very low and quiet hum that can be heard (air moving indoors).

With that I guess this is good to go.

Checking it now. To be honest

Gnomey's picture

Checking it now.

To be honest, you put more work into this than necessary; these are not really designed to be used in different sizes or in interiors as the idea is to place them along Veloth's Path at intervals. But now, I sort of feel obliged to place them in different sizes and in interiors.cheeky

Haha yeah, at first I only

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Haha yeah, at first I only meant for it to check the weather but after that was done things just spiraled out of control...

My only criticism from an in

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My only criticism from an in-game test is that the sound radius seems too small, and the sound perhaps a bit too quiet. The wind harp should be audible from pretty much as far away as viable.

I've merged it as it is, but

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I've merged it as it is, but seeing as there's still work to be done (Rats mentioned a script overhaul in Discord), I'll keep this In Review for the time being.

I'll be fixing the things

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I'll be fixing the things Gnomey pointed out (the radius and the loudness) sometime this week. Those changes are pretty quick and easy to implement though, so if anyone wants to take a stab at it, please do.

Added an updated version of

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Added an updated version of the esp (v. 5). The harp sound is now played 15 % louder and its range is doubled. (The sound file is in v. 4; the sound file hasn't been changed).

edit: forgot that this had been merged in to TR Data Addon. Anyone who is working with that file can just implement these changes to it directly: just set the sound's volume to 1.00 from 0.85 and double the Max Range.