Aeolian Gourd Harp

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Found along and near Veloth's path, Aeolian Gourd Harps attract wayward spirits to Veloth's path, from which they can continue to Necrom to seek peace. Locals often place bones at the base of the harps in the hopes that pilgrims will carry them to Necrom. The model should generally blend in with Velothi architecture.

File v1608.77 KB2017-05-22 19:43
File v2: Added depressions to model, tried to tweak vertex shading a little.599.16 KB2017-08-30 06:42
File v3: Added ESP599.42 KB2017-08-30 09:58


That one looks really great

Ragox's picture

That one looks really great already sirrah, such a unique design! yessmiley
Perhaps you could add some vertex shadow to smoothen the texture transitions a bit?

This had unfortunately

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This had unfortunately slipped my mind for a long while, but it looks excellent.
Rather than the holes in the side just being textures, I'd consider creating depressions in the model which fade into black.
I do see Ragox's point with the vertex shading, but I think the current appearance does fit with vanilla Velothi assets like the shrines, so I think it can be left as-is.