Assets for OE Curia Vault

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Assets for Old Ebonheart's Curia Vault.

Assets for Ebon Tower Curia Vault claim.

  • a black version of the Imperial tileset "button"
  • a version of the furn_imp_block with inscriptions
  • a custom floor mesh
  • the hidden real Treaty of the Armistice, cut from the cloak of Tiber Septim
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There was some blue fringing

sirrah's picture

There was some blue fringing on the stone block texture that I've cleaned up.
I've given the armistice default alpha settings; these might not have been working because of the small square mesh on the underside of the note having the alpha applied to it as well, but I've removed the material from the small square so there shouldn't be any problems with alpha clipping now.
I removed the collision node from the armistice as well (it doesn't seem to need it with default alpha values.)

Vanilla res textures are included; I've only scaled the floor texture down to 512px, the text is illegible at 256px. 

These should be good to go!

Would it be acceptable if the

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Would it be acceptable if the "vanilla" version of the floor texture was the same as the "high res" one? The reason for this is that the floor is a part of a puzzle where visibility is a key thing.

The full-size texture really

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The full-size texture really isn't that over-detailed given the size of the mesh, so if the detail is needed then absolutely!