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I figured that Old Ebonheart could do with a newspaper, like the Black Horse Courier in Cyrodiil, so I made sort of a template for it. The local news section would sometimes serve as a quest hook, sometimes react to the player’s actions (“A known lunatic kills three”, “Ebon Tower break-in solved by %PCName”). The news from other provinces section would provide some weirder, mildly humorous, and likely outdated stuff. The last bit (here the ‘weather’) could vary from paper to paper (horoscopes, ads, etc. etc.). Submissions for other issues welcome.

LOCAL NEWS: Dark Elves at the gates?
A group of native Dark Elves was stopped at the city gates and denied entrance to Old Ebonheart after a random search revealed that they were carrying a suspicious amount of weapons including three steel shortswords, two dozen knives, and an iron warhammer. Reportedly the armed Elves also had with them a list of names of Old Ebonheart residents and instructions to ”extract them from then n'wah city no matter what”, which strengthened the guards' resolve to turn them away. One eye-witness described the group as ”the most cruel-looking beings imaginable, you know, your average Dark Elf”. Townsguard Captain Maurrisha elaborated this much on the rumors of native manhunter gangs trying to make their way into the city: ”The guard is keeping the King's peace as always. There's no story here. Keep moving.”

NEWS FROM OTHER PROVINCES: Count Atramond, 87, in for a killer birthday sources say
The city of Shornhelm, High Rock, is preparing for the birthday feast of Count Atramond, 87. As part of the preparations the Count, a widower who recently announced his intentions to marry a lady several years his junior, has hired an assistant for his court taster as well as ordered all the knives and daggers in the county to be collected for safe-keeping. Despite the precautions an inside source close to the heirs of Count Atramond said that the funeral has already been scheduled to be held the week after.

WEATHER: This is Morrowind, likely it will rain ash. That is if we're lucky.


Based on contracts for produce executed by 15th of Rain’s Hand – Last Seed Marshmarrow at 318 per taln, up 18 from previous report. Last Seed Saltrice at 224 per taln, up 2 from previous report. Hearthfire corkbulb at 619, no change from previous report. Livestock sales as of the15th up sharply from last month’s auction, with netch commanding highest prices of the year (38 and 2/7ths per gistlu for three-year bulls, and 35 and 5/7ths for mature cows), and river valley guar stock at 22 per gistlu for riders, and 18 and 3/7ths for milkers.

Kwama prices for the first quarter were depressed by reduced demand (to 140 per crate), but should rebound during the festival season, according to forecasts provided by the mine guild.


Our wag on the street says, “A Hlaalu will sell you the growl and call it a bull!”


G. Baarnus of Pelegiad offers 100 (Imperial) for the return of Sussak, a male Argonian of approximately 20 years. Sussak has a clipped left ear with a narrow triangular-cut that has healed poorly, and has a ventral coloration of two pale green stripes on either side of his spinal fringe, shading to yellow on his flanks. He is incorrigible and may be traveling to Black Marsh in the company of a female. All expenses of capture and transport to be paid through Secundus Peregrinatus, Agent, care of this publication.


I like the idea of this, and

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I like the idea of this, and indeed if we can get many editions made I would approve the asset (with some edits).  However, I think that having only one issue would come across as slghtly odd. 

I’m in agreement with

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I’m in agreement with Apotheosis: like the idea, but need more issues. Which will depend on us getting more quests into Old Ebonheart or the surrounding areas first.

Surely the Dark Elves should

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Surely the Dark Elves should be arrested for questioning? Or if the the guards won’t do this because they don’t want to antagonise the natives (after all, it’s not illegal to carry weapons) then there’ll be plenty of OEers who are mightily cross about that. Unless the newspaper is government backed and won’t be too critical of it? Maybe I’m reading too much into this…

As for the elderly Count, wouldn’t it make more sense for his new wife to be many decades younger rather than just “several years”?