Boots of Lightning Speed


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The player will counter a mage-looking imperial named Vontus. He wears a colovian fur hat and a robe.


Hello, stranger! I've got a proposition for you.


More of a bet, actually. See, I recently invented a new enchantment I want to try out. All you need to do is give me twenty five gold as part of the bet, catch me and you earn fifty back, simple as that.

Sounds easy. I'm ready if you are.
Give me a moment to prepare.

Alright, then. Ready... set! Go!

Don't take too long.

Vontus will equip the Boots of Lightning speed and run around the place screaming in pain of the shock. Then eventually fall down and die.

Reward: 50 gold and Boots of Lightning speed. Boots would have 10 shock damage in return for fortify athletics by 100. No armor value. Vuntus will also have 3 spoiled potions of resist shock damage. These damage intelligence attribute.

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Transferred from old forum

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Transferred from old forum claim and thread. This is a good idea, but it was hitting technical difficulties on implementation. If someone finds a good location for it – apparently the NPC would need to run in a straight line? – this could be re-opened.

I wish I could make him run

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I wish I could make him run further but alas morrowind scripting. He runs until he hits the edge of the cell then its implied he keeps running straight south until he hits a tree and dies. You can find his body if you go straight south from where you found him.

if you want you can add a messagebox that says "Vontus completely disappears from sight, heading directly south."

as a side note: this is really funny to watch happen lol