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Ashstaar’s Breton heads

Female heads 2&3 apparently use vanilla textures

part of old forum claim TR_n3-6


I really love the pointy

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I really love the pointy-beard guy, would be fantastic for an MG higher-up. The others seem quite good, though the last two female heads aren’t really that much different from the originals and the blue-eyed male is a bit odd looking.

I believe all of these heads are using edited vanilla textures, but it doesn’t look like any of them are using unaltered textures?

The meshes are different,

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The meshes are different, which means the same textures’ display is altered (by being mapped differently)

The blue-eyed guy looks stupid, but there’s a place for stupid NPCs right?

I've fixed the node structure

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I've fixed the node structure of these and put them into an .esp, so if a wandering lead could add me to this I'll upload them. I'll try and fix the pointy sideburns, too.

I've blunted the m_h01 and m

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I've blunted the m_h01 and m_h05 meshes, and tried to improve their UV layouts a little. I've just noticed that a couple of the heads are using linear morph keys instead of quadratic ones; I'll upload fixed versions of these soon. Was less of a hassle than I thought, I've uploaded fixed versions of the affected heads; once the white-haired beard dude gets a texture edit, these should be good-to-go.

Uploaded a new version

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Uploaded a new version (number 5) of the file. Edited the white-bearded fellow to look less like Ken Rolston and more like the late sir Christopher Lee.

Took a look in-game. The

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Took a look in-game. The beards look good and not too Rolston-y. I'm still not keen on the sideblurs, though:

I keep second guessing whether the fellow on the right is even supposed to have sideburns or just a really weird jaw.
Aside from those, these are good to go as far as I'm concerned.

I much prefer the square

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I much prefer the square chops but I know MW-style pointy hair like that is very unpopular with the smooth better heads/bodies crowd, they all clip the khajiit's moustaches... I guess it must be very hard to preserve these shapes while giving the impression of higher-poly quality

For me it's not so much the

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For me it's not so much the shape as the texture. With the beards and the other example of sideburns among these heads, you can recognize what is supposed to be hair and what is supposed to be skin. For the two sideburns pictured, the hair for the sideburns just looks like shadow to me; the only real indication those are supposed to be sideburns is the shape. It reminds me of my pitiful attempts to give my vanilla Oblivion characters 'beards' by colouring patches of skin differently and giving them large jaws.