Brown Mushroom

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Ragox says:

“I finally finished the new mushroom I was working on. It comes in two variants, a small and a large one, each with its own mesh and texture. Do with it whatever you like, but I'd love to see it ingame of course. Maybe this can be used for the Thirr River Valley Visual Update?”

No ingredients have been made for it.

File Final version with ingredient740.43 KB2016-07-15 09:31
File Reviewed version399.35 KB2016-08-20 23:58
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I just uploaded a version which inlcludes an ingredient (with icon) as well smiley

This is great, but could

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This is great, but could really do with some other name than Amanita Muscaria. Something less real-life and more Morrowind. Will be including in the Thirr visual update for sure!

Thanks, I’m happy that you

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Thanks, I’m happy that you like it and excited to see how it will look like in the Middle Thirr region.
And yeah, well, the name was just a placeholder laugh


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  •  Removed unneeded nistencilproperty from the mesh
  •  Added missing NCO StringExtraData
  • Changed the amount of samples of mushroom given per mushroom in the esp-file to be more in line with other vanilla plants. 5 pieces are a bit much, in my opinion.
  • Changed the ids of the entries in the esp-file to comply with the id-scheme in the new Tamriel-Data.

Overall there was not much to be done. Good work by Ragox.
There are only vanilla resolution textures included, though.

Thanks for the review

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Thanks for the review, I just uploaded the source textures I was working with before scaling them down and also adjusting the colors and saturation, so they do look a little different.

The normal size asset has

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The normal size asset has been added to the 1609 BSA. For the future, I’d like to see the UV map of the mushrooms updated so they can share the same texture, and then the HD version of that next texture uploaded. Therefore, I’m putting this back into development.

(That said, this is a really nice asset, thank you!)

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Thanks, the different

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Thanks, the different textures are necessary though because one texture must be at half the resolution for the smaller mushroom, otherwise you’d have it look way too crisp compared to the large mushroom.

As far as I can see, this is

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As far as I can see, this is either totally or mostly in Tamriel_Data already. I'll check this out put in whatever files are still missing.

Yeah, they've been merged a

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Yeah, they've been merged a long time already, their editor id is T_Glb_Flora_AmanitaMs.
They only still need to receive a proper name, they were never supposed to be called "Amanita Muscaria" ingame.