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A creature for the Uld Vraech region. Needs a better name than than “Bug Elk.”

sirrah: Uploaded some new pics of the current horn/eye/fur arrangement. I'll try to put up a (boneless) .nif shortly.


Very nice. And when you add

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Very nice. And when you add the fur it will make the model more together i think.
Just the paws bug me a little tough i have no advice for them.
If you get this animated show me how you do it

Cheers! I agree, the paws

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Cheers! I agree, the paws need to be reworked; I was being too poly-coy with them.

Animation has generally been a huge stumbling block for me; aside from the actual animating, I haven't been able to figure out if there's any way to export quadratic/TBC animation keys to .nif using the Blender plug-in; every time I export to .nif/.kf, the animation is rendered as linear keys (which gives rather depressing results). There's some great tutorials Rot posted here: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/comment/274#comment-274 I've been more-or-less following those to great success other than the keyframe issues.

This looks so cool. I love

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This looks so cool. I love that this concept got picked up for modeling. 

I will say, I'd like it better with completely black eyes, like the original art. The current ones look a little goofy, and I think we should go for elegance with this creature.

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I'll try out some different

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I'll try out some different ideas for the eyes; I tend to think the black segmented moth-eyes look rather goofy in their own way, though. 

Regarding elegance; that's the impression the original art gave me but the redraw feels like a more bulky, and more common, creature (more mountain goat than elk, like a VM Nix-hound equivalent). I think there is merit to both concepts, so something I was thinking of doing was a larger/older variant, slightly lithe-r and grey with larger/more complex horn arrangements.

Yes I think some longer horns

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Yes I think some longer horns/antennas would give it more elegance, I made a mockup if you'd like some inspiration.

For my part, I think I like

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For my part, I think I like the bottom centre eye the most, though the top left is quite distinctive. Seems like a rather subjective matter, though.

As far as the antlers are concerned, I think I prefer Nalin's direction to Crucifigo's, though they are indeed 'too Elk' as shown; basically extending outwards, relatively broad and covered in 'velvet' of some form. Tossing out some photos for ideas in lieu of making concept art:

I agree with this, would like

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I agree with this, would like to see their antenna barbed or feathered instead of just straight antenna. Otherwise, I really love this thing.

I like the top-center eyes

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I like the top-center eyes most. Sirrah, do you need texture help with this one?

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The textures could do with

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The textures could do with some work, I'm sure; I'll try to get a copy of this uploaded shortly so you can have a look at it.