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Flora: Cine Tree from thread:

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Know issues with placement (model needs to be centered), funky alphachannel.



Depends on the material the leaves and branches are made of. I think textures could be used to emphasize the sturdiness of the branches and lightness of the leaves; I also think the weird proportions give the plant a lot of character. I think this is a good fit for the Orethans. And if it is used there, keeping the poly count low certainly seems like a good idea.

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I agree with Kevaar, those

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I agree with Kevaar, those look beautiful, they remind me of trees in the Savannah in some weird way. I don't know in which region we should put them, maybe Shipal-Shin or Roth-Roryn?

These need some work on their

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These need some work on their trunks before they can be included, I think; there's a lot of wasted verts where the branches meet at the moment. They also need collision put on them.
The transparency problems are due to the leaves being a single NiTriShape object, just separating them into seperate objects should fix them; they should probably also have the NiStencilProperty replaced with doubled faces, and the NiSpecularProperty should be removed.