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Creature Dagat
Two Versions
Lives near water
No Ingredients Yet, maybe a piece of the sail, or a tooth?

Uploaded new version, smaller and female has different (kagouti) animation.

Added some descriptive text - ThomasRuz


The Dagat, a creature that makes the murky waters of the Grey Meadows its home. Often regarded as the small cousin of the Alit, it stands firmly on its two legs, and has a maw outsiders would find disproportionate for its small size. Dagats are often unidentifiable in their habitat, due to their natural bleak grey and brown skin complexion.

Being extremely territorial, these creatures are known to attack unwary travellers that come too near the water. It often does so in packs of two to four, consisting out of one male(identifiable by its dorsal sail) and one to three female Dagats.

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I don't know how you'd feel

Rats's picture

I don't know how you'd feel about changing the color scheme, but if this was less yellowy brown and more black and white it would make a *perfect* predator for the Grey Meadows Region.

How about instead of a just

Ateiggaer's picture

How about instead of just a sail, make him have a symbiosis with mushrooms and have mushroomlike sails on his back?

Swamp Demons

Ragox's picture

I love this one Asylum and I agree with Rats, they'd make perfect little swamp demons there.

As for the ingredient - how about the eye? It stands out to me the most and you could even add flavor to their predatory nature that way by giving the eyes the effects of Detect Creature, Detect Humanoid and Nighteye.

I think someone (gnomey?)

Asylum's picture

I think someone (gnomey?) tought about using it for some mountain region;
so i would like some more imput about this here.
Yet there are two versions. so maybe the one with the sail for the swamp and the other one for the mountains.
names are open for debate, i'll retexture one in black and white, and the eye ingredient will be made.

Hi Biboran, I'm not following

Asylum's picture

Hi Biboran, I'm not following by what you are saying.
Are both models too simular, or do you feel there are too many bipedal reptilians?

Too many very similar animals

Biboran's picture

Too many very similar animals for me.
Of course, it easy to use vanilla animation and sceleton. but too many of same stuff make player bored. I think. This model not bad, and if use 2nd variant be somehow a little bit unicle, but still, better not overuse things like that in my opinion.

Looking moddy

fufulames's picture

This model is best of the bunch of guar remixes you uploaded. BUT still Moddy as hell. Heads too big, body small, legs awkward, too similar to guar.  All 4 of these really.

suggedtuons for this model. Smaller head and positioned higher, larger belly, stronger legs.

what about more unique creatures though like a featherless animal with crane like body fish head and snorkel to breath fresh air under water. Head that is upturned like fish for eating algae and swamp plants. Wings that can swim under water or fly in air. Like a naked swamp fish bird.

like this maybe..

but big and longer legs and a snorkel.

these models are uninspired.

He's not wrong though. The

Atrayonis's picture

He's not wrong though. The head at least really is too big, even to me. The Kagouti and Alit are already very weird looking, but the Dagat is worse because its head is so obviously out of proportion with the rest of its body.
It can devour lesser animals whole, but it has no stomach space to digest them in - how is this supposed to work?

This is a fantasy game, not a

Ragox's picture

This is a fantasy game, not a imaginative wildlife simulator. You could critisize quite a few of Morrowinds creatures the same way like you just did. His model looks objectively good and not moddy at all. I also can't see the strong similarities with the Guar that you're talking about. They look different enough and only share being two-legged and reptile-like. Now you can of course disagree with that but calling his work uninspired goes too far IMHO.

Bretons are too similar to

Undertaker's picture

Bretons are too similar to Nords... angel

No, seriously, just make sail ones males and sailless ones females.

I think this looks really

Infragris's picture

I think this looks really good. The similarities to existing creatures are not bad, in fact I think they help to enhance immersion. Since the Morrowind ecosystem is so unique and different from others on Tamriel, it makes sense to see creatures here who share certain traits which aid them in surviving the hostile environment.

Please go on and explain how

Rot's picture

Please go on and explain how being made of two legs and a mouth helps survive the hostile environment :P
I usually groan at creature rehashes but even then this one looks fine.

To add to this already

worsas's picture

To add to this already lengthy discussion: Can't the creature be kept as-is, except being made a relatively small creature (twice the size of a rat, maybe)? I can perfectly imagine this as a small, nasty footbiter.

Seconding this, this would

Atrayonis's picture

Seconding this, this would improve it by a lot. Some native animal that Cyrodiilic Rats have driven into the remote swamps instead of another same-sized predator sounds pretty good.

Found a bug: the lower row of

Infragris's picture

Found a bug: the lower row of teeth floats just at the tip of the jaw. Also, I think this might only appear in the nifskope viewbut it appears as if the upper row or teeth clip through the face in some animations. Only happens in the version with sail.

Hm. I do agree two many big

Kevaar's picture

Hm. I do agree two many big-mouthed two-legged things running around will get old, as we already have two of those in vanilla, plus whatever ESO decided to add. I'd like to start seeing more different creatures. Alien creatures, insectoid creatures (and not just beetles and wasps, but other things like dragonflies, craneflies, scorpionflies, termites, mantises, etc)

I like this one though. I think sailess = female and sailed = male would be a nice touch.


Cicero's picture

I think it is a good model, I do like the concept and colours with the mushrooms growing on it. I too think that they should be small creatures, rat sized or a little bit bigger. There isn't many creatues that are that size to begin with and it would help to seperate it from the Alit and Kagoti. Female without sale and Male with sale is a good idea. I have some sound effects that Ithink would go well with this creature if it was a smaller one.

Link to sounds:

My 2 cents: I think it should

10Kaziem's picture

My 2 cents: I think it should be basically a bitey frog. It should be small and be able to breathe underwater/be placed in the swamp goops. And it should have camoflauge to the swamp goops in the grey meadows.

Does: concepts, textures, youtube vids, admin stuff e.g. PR, handbook, assets, small website things. Activity level: wildly unpredictable. Still active. Find me on Discord.


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Does: concepts, textures, youtube vids, admin stuff e.g. PR, handbook, assets, small website things. Activity level: wildly unpredictable. Still active. Find me on Discord.

Uploaded a test version with

Atrayonis's picture

Uploaded a test version with ESP. Resized them to 50% to make them like the native rat that was replaced by the, well, (Imperial) rat.

Rat sounds atm. Placed three of them near Seyda Neen where you can see them "swim" after you, and two of them with a Rat, and Ordinator, and a Kagouti for size comparisons in ToddTest.

Overall this looks good with the reduced size. Nice pack hunter.

I am unable to fix the last

Asylum's picture

I am unable to fix the last problem with this model.
In Nifscope it looks good, but ingame there are seams that split open when the creature moves
Anyone an idea for a fix?