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Creature Variant 01
Also included Variant 02 with horns.
No Ingredient (was thinking eyeball)
I've tested it at size 1.0, which seemed rather small.

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Could be used in proximity to

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Could be used in proximity to Black Marsh. Sotha Sil could have just used this as a sample for his machines. I would make them really small, maybe twice the size of rat.

If it's rat-sized, the tail

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If it's rat-sized, the tail could be the ingredient. Dunmer dry it or roast it, and then chew on it either as a food item or a medicinal thing (or both). Dunmer youngsters may have taken to sprinkling the treat with moon sugar after seeing some Khajiit slaves do it, to the exasperation of their elders. This may in turn have unintended psychoactive effects (there's a quest in there).

So the effect list could be:
Restore Fatigue (makes it a food item)
Drain Luck (negatively pairs with moon sugar, loose symbolic association with how you were introduced to Sotha Sil and how "unlucky" that was)
Fortify Speed (postively pairs with moon sugar)
Swift Swim (Since they live in a swampy area, and reptiles swim with their tails?)


I like it. It looks like it

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I like it. It looks like it would be a natural predator of small animals, and there's probably plenty of them around the swamp. I can definitely see this in the jungle. Or Sundered Scar/the mainland bitter coast.

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