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Rocks for the Deshaan Plains – Number of variants as shown. Concepts to scale.

See Deshaan ground textures asset for reference

Binary Data terrain_rock_deshaan04.nif18.51 KB2016-08-21 04:44
Binary Data terrain_rock_deshaan01_rev1.nif12.92 KB2016-08-21 04:44
Binary Data terrain_rock_deshaan03.nif8.45 KB2016-08-21 04:44
Binary Data terrain_rock_deshaan02.nif22 KB2016-08-21 04:44
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CS shots

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CS shots

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I tested these rocks out with

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I tested these rocks out with the textures from my old Deshaan Plains .esp, took some screenshots and jotted down some notes. First the screenshots (the image links to an album):

Now the notes:

  • The tall cliff pieces should slope more to allow easier terrain placement. They could also do to be a bit wider at the top. Polygons are only necessary on the front, sides and top, not the back; the tall rock assets should never really be placed free-standing in my opinion, but always up against a (very steep) slope.
  • Vertex shading should be slightly purplish, and I think the rocks need more of it. The RGB values I'm using are 116, 101 and 113.
  • I'm not sure what the point is of having the 'broken arch' be one mesh as opposed to just two rock meshes. In general, the Deshaan probably won't use many arches, but I suppose they work for the chasms. If more are made, they could perhaps be broader and flatter. The current one is fine as is, aside from the other comments.
  • I wouldn't mind having the smaller rocks taper more at the bottom and be a bit taller for easier placement.
  • It wouldn't hurt to have the 'plateau' pieces taper inwards less sharply at the bottom, and be a bit taller.
  • You might have noticed that I assigned the textures a bit differently; I think the smaller rocks shouldn't have a grass texture on top, but using the rock texture throughout means that the UV map may need to be adjusted to avoid seams, which is an unfortunate complication. (Though with the texture I use, seams aren't very noticeable in my opinion).
  • For the plateau pieces, it would be nice if the grass texture matched the ground texture more; at the moment, the texture is scaled down and darker than the ground texture is.

All of that nit-picking aside, overall I'm really happy with the look of the rocks. If the set is rounded out, it will be a lot of fun to work with these when Deshaan Plains gets opened for exterior work.