Deshaan Salt Formations


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Salt formations (rocks, effectively) for the Deshaan plains. Not including crystals.

Salt Formations – Number of variants as shown. Probably relatiely simple models with a complex texture to provide complexity. Concepts to scale.

See Deshaan ground textures asset for reference

Edit by Asylum:
" converted to obj and then to nif.
I think it screwed the scaling a little and the bounding boxes.
but that should be an easy enough fix. "

Package icon salt_04.zip77.4 KB2016-08-21 04:49
Package icon salt_03.zip77.66 KB2016-08-21 04:49
Package icon salt_02.zip75.18 KB2016-08-21 04:49
Package icon salt_01.zip72.87 KB2016-08-21 04:49
Package icon megageeklizzy's file dump4.34 MB2017-05-14 23:21
Package icon salt_stuff.zip4.33 MB2017-05-15 21:00


Got the last update to these

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Got the last update to these from megageeklizzy--she has stopped work on these and the last version has been uploaded to the asset here. They should be more or less complete, but she was having trouble importing the files into the correct format using Blender. I know nothing about modelling, so someone else can take a look at the attachment and see what they can do with it?

  sirrah: The files on the

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quoting from Discord,

  sirrah: The files on the asset at the moment have textures/UVs set up, so re-saving the files in the legacy mesh format to get them into 2.49b, and from there to a .nif should work fine.

looks like 02-04 need to have the material copied over from 01 (which should probably have a collision object itself)