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See Dres Small Canton Tileset.
See Dres Common buildings Tileset.

Assets for the Dres architecture. Still collecting concepts and arguments on what the buildings/cantons should look like and how they should be arranged.

Should eventually include:

  • Several canton models, similar but distinct. One type per city, so hopefully 7. Should be broken up into several chunks to allow for multiple light sources in the game engine. Should not include a “floor” on top of the platform; if it does, said floor should be optional. May ablso include “2nd level” assets, or those could be just scaled versions of the 1st level.
  • Models for Dres city/stronghold houses. These are basically rectangular, and should come in ½/3 story chunks, and have windows, doors, overhangs, etc
  • Unique “temple” buildings (6-sided, 4-sided)
  • Assorted city clutter: overhangs, platforms, kiosks, ancestor pylons, bridges/walkways, stairs, etc.
  • “Ashlander style” tents, and organic saltwalker tents, architecture

Our old page of Dres Assets, hidden in a spoiler:


An old list of things we needed, hidden in a spoiler:


Gnomey’s functional concepts:


For reference, some threads:


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If you mean the architecture

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If you mean the architecture assets by MWGek, I've attached what I think are the only extant files ^
(edit: found more! the older 2011/12 files by Nalin and TheWarder might be earlier versions of the same assets? but added them too)