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Containers for House Dres, both large and small.

Proposed containers for House Dres by 10Kaziem. Many of these should recycle or be similar to each others models and not require too much work.

  1. Ceramic Containers
    • Thick-walled ceramic urns of various sizes. Heavy and sturdy, these are good for stationary containment and are excellent at keeping out the elements, bugs, etc. Come with fitted removable lids. Rounded hexagons in cross-section, so they tile well. Probably require hefty slaves to haul around and open/close. These are mass produced and therefore suggest we ought to see potters and pottery factories on the coast/mudflats. These can probably share textures.
      • 1A – person-sized, big. Used for storage of grains for families or dwellings. (ie, saltrice, ibasi roots)
      • 1B – slightly smaller and rounder than 1A. Same purpose.
      • 1C – volumetrically larger, wider, squatter. Same purpose. Found exclusively indoors. Like a large chest freezer in bulk.
      • 1D – same model as 1A, shrunk. More modestly sized, could hold less bulky or volumetrically less required foods. (ie, hackle-lo, yams, ibasi roots). Size of a large idoor trash can.
      • 1E – same model as 1C, shrunk. Same purpose as above. Size of a 10 gallon can (about 1/7 th the apparent volume of 1C)
      • 1F, G, H – similar model to 1A but proportionally larger caps. Size of watermelon down to the size of a 8 oz jelly jar. Used for foods, pastes, but also for storing anything perishable (needs to be air and water tight.). Could store cosmetics, medical ointments, honey, grease, scents, etc
  2. Stitched Hide Containers
    • Thinner walled containers, flexible. Made from hide scraps that are oiled/cured to keep out the elements. Much lighter and better for traveling than ceramic urns, but less resistant to the elements, particularly bugs. Recycle premade sack models whenever possible! Used a lot by the mobile elements of house Dres and less often by the stationary elements. Used more often on rooftops and for things that require only modest protection from the elements. These can probably share textures.
      • 2A – small sack, uses vanilla small sack model.
      • 2B – pillow sacks, uses vanilla pillow sack models.
      • 2C – new, the same size as 1A above, but is made from hides.
  3. Salt crates
    • Made from a single salt block. More accurately, thse are crystal, but many are edible salt. The larger they are, the rarer they are, as particularly large ones are made cut from a cross section of one single large crystal, and the crystal cannot break during the cutting and carving process. Generally used for storing non-liquid object/substances. Like thin marble, the crystal is strong but brittle, and large boxes do not travel well.
      • 3A – a single large chest, which would have been carved from a single great crystal. Used for storing magical objects— or cured meat. Octagonal.
      • 3B – same as above, hexagonal.
      • 3C – same as above, cuboid.
      • 3D – the size of an office paper box (or a large toolbox). Used for storing as above, but could also contain more precious objects, such as jewelry, etc.
      • 3E, F, G, H – successively smaller, from the size of a shoebox down to the size of a small apple (2-3 in diameter), coming in rectangular or hex cross sections, some flat, some taller. Used for containing small precious objects such as rings or possibly house insignia or other small, but important items. Religious/ceremonial items could also be stored here.
  4. Wall pouches
    • Since the plains are low on wood and stone, many things are stored by way of putting them in a pouch and tacking the pouch to the wall.

Made the meshes for containers, have also UV-mapped them – ThomasRuz
Still need to be scaled correctly - ThomasRuz

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Hmm, while I like the idea of

Kevaar's picture

Hmm, while I like the idea of salt block chests, salt seems like it would be too fragile and deteriorate too easily. Perhaps the Dres use some other compound, like a kind of laquer, on the outside to help keep it together? Perhaps Skyrender spit (or something), whatever substance is used when Skyrenders make their hives out of salt.

I agree that a laquer would

10Kaziem's picture

I agree that a laquer would help, but also keep in mind that “salt” could be a general term, meaning “crystal”  (think of a chemical “salt”, they’re not all water soluble).

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Sounds good to me.

10Kaziem's picture

Sounds good to me.

Does: concepts, textures, youtube vids, admin stuff e.g. PR, handbook, assets, small website things. Activity level: wildly unpredictable. Still active. Find me on Discord.

I added the NIF's of the

ThomasRuz's picture

I added the NIF's of the meshes that I've made.
EDIT: All done, except for 2A and 2B(which will probably use vanilla models).

My only two quibbles on these

Gnomey's picture

My only two quibbles on these models are that the pink salt textures might be a little too bright, and that compared to the concepts the scale seems *a little* off. cheeky I mean, look at the diddly little things: