Dres Small Canton Tileset


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Small Dres Canton Tileset

Ext tileset - 8 pieces

Pivot points for all models are zeroed, so just Duplicate and Search & Replace then.


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I'd make the color scheme

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I'd make the color scheme more purpley-grey, to contrast with the Velothi tilesets and also to remain in theme with the Deshaan, ESO, and Dunmer stronghold colorings:

Otherwise, promising first start!

Actually these are just the

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Actually these are just the Vivec canton textures (for display purposes), the mesh does look good,

in theme with the Deshaan, ESO

Let's please not.
also the Dres architecture palette by and large already exists: see here

I think for the time being it

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I think for the time being it is better to focus on the models themselves, which are coming along nicely, but my current view on textures is as follows:
The base building material would be a very pale, perhaps slate blue light concrete with a rough surface and a lot of inclusions, a bit like so but rougher and paler:

Most of the walls would be coated with a more homogenous and finer-grained plaster, while protruding features like buttresses and doorways would be primarily coated with an equally homogenous and fine-grained brownish black. Floors would be covered by smooth, either brownish black or slate tiles, generally hexagonal.

Large surfaces will probably need to be decorated in some way to hide texture tiling and break up the monotony. I'm pretty open to ideas in that regard; glowing graffiti, sgraffito and murals would all be possible options. If we want to apply them as decals, Dres walls should have a regular slope to them. (Something I would consider desireable anyway).

Some complied critiques from

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Some complied critiques from assorted folks on discord:
1) the bridge is missing a central piece with no supports
2) the entry pieces are half a canton, meaning that stairs and bridges are forced to be opposite; we need them to be 1/6th instead with a modular wall piece with a pie slice of ground so that we can place them at other angles.We also need a free 1/3rd ground piece. Last, we ought to have the walls and ground be separate chunks so that we can use the ground mesh as the floor as desired for lighting issues.
3) Textures may not have enough light stuff. Gnomey suggests trying light yellow or slate blue. Asylum points out that the textures need weathering, probably around the bottom. Gnomey also points out that the designs on the decor strips ought to be distinct from other styles like dwemer or stronghold.
4)Kaz notes that on these and also the house set pieces some of the uv choices are weird, particularly the choice of textures that use Strip_04 are just odd or call for a texture that gets really stretches or has odd texel density compared to the rest of the model.
5)Kaz and other also note that before we make final decisions on the textures we ought to also work out what the ground textures will look like in the deshaan so we can place these appropriately on the ground and see how they look then. Also the sand texture would pro0bably be relating to the coloring and type of weathering.

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