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As requested here, I’ve made sounds for the dulcimer model. Version 1 & 2 are both taken from the Morrowind main theme, but I’m not sure if sounds based on the non-diagetic game soundtrack are ok for inclusion in TR so I’ve also made some random chords and sequences that have nothing to do with the soundtrack and should be safe to include.

I can fire these things out pretty easily so if there’s any particular melodies needed let me know.

EDIT 28/02/17: I've added three new sounds based on the Tamriel Rebuilt theme, as I've decided that including sound effects based on the non-diagetic vanilla soundtrack is bad. However, I've left those files uploaded in case someone else on the project still wants to include them or use them for something else.

File TR_dulcimer_01.wav1.31 MB2016-12-15 06:39
File TR_dulcimer_02.wav1.41 MB2016-12-15 06:39
File TR_dulcimer_03.wav1.27 MB2016-12-15 06:39
File TR_dulcimer_04.wav1.44 MB2016-12-15 06:39
File TR_dulcimer_05.wav1.49 MB2016-12-15 06:39
File TR_dulcimer_06.wav1.5 MB2016-12-15 06:39
File TR_dulcimer_TRtheme_01.wav1.22 MB2017-02-28 07:08
File TR_dulcimer_TRtheme_02.wav1.37 MB2017-02-28 07:08
File TR_dulcimer_TRtheme_full.wav3.66 MB2017-02-28 07:08
File DulcimerSounds.7z4.79 MB2017-08-27 18:41


The sounds are rather

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The sounds are rather excellent.

Using the Morrowind theme is fine IMO, but what I would love even more would be to take the melody from the old Tamriel Rebuilt theme by Dragonfly. It would be super nostalgic for those who've followed TR for a long time.

For those who don't know/remember the dulcimer in question is this one made by LiberumAvis for Indoril areas:


That's easily done! I've

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That's easily done! I've since decided that using the MW soundtrack melodies would be a bit cheesy but I think using stuff from this TR theme would be a lot more suitable and less tonally weird in-game.

Very nice! I'd only heard the

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Very nice! I'd only heard the original theme a couple times but can imagine this being a great surprise for older players

These seem good-to-go, so I'm

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These seem good-to-go, so I'm marking them ready for merging. I've uploaded an archive of the files in the correct file structure and renamed to keep under the character limit.