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Link to download the Dwemer Lightohuse which will be in Andothren. This tower should replace the tower that is currently there. It includes an outside mesh and an interior mesh as well. May want to mess around with the glass tubing on the interior to more closely mimic the vanilla Dwemer lightbulbs, but that's up to discussion. I have a strict policy on this model not being used anywhere but in the designated spot in Andothren. The outside of the tower (and maybe the inside) should have 'Slow Pulse' lightbulbs placed around the windows. I had the following color settings:

red - 32
green - 202
blue - 74 

It looked very good, I think. The door leading to the shaft that would link to the interior should be a 100 level locked door with no key, and perhaps a set of the armor and a weapon from Henry's Dwemer pack could be placed in here as a nice reward for whoever can get inside. Maybe a special Dwemer enemy can be locked away in the tower as well.


File T_Dwe_DngRuin_LightHs.7z604.1 KB2017-10-10 11:43
Binary Data TR_ex_dwe_lh_01 fixed collision404.25 KB2017-10-31 19:59


I think any unlooted secret

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I think any unlooted secret area would have to be behind more than a lock100 door - it's the usual gameplay contrivance but that ruin has been in the middle of a city for how many centuries? Maybe a puzzle, or something nobody would have yet figured out was a door.
(might not be the place to discuss this... haven't looked at the model... sorry!)

Yeah, I'm all for that if you

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Yeah, I'm all for that if you guys are. Hidden secrets slumbering just outside of Andothren, high up on the forlorn hills. Sounds good to me.

Beautiful models and very

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Beautiful models and very good usage of the stock textures.

I can't wait to see how this will be implemented ingame smiley

Hm, my only real criticism of

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Hm, my only real criticism of this model is that does not really make for a good lighthouse in its current form. Some in-game screenshots to illustrate, along with some of Asylum's alternative model for comparison; I hadn't regenerated distant land, so both models are essentially shown with vanilla view distances:

This model looks really impressive at a distance:

As soon as you approach it, however, the lights disappear behind the exterior walkway:

As any ships approach the actual rocks that need to be navigated, they will be plunged in darkness again. The lights and top of the tower also have a low profile and the top of the tower itself is very dark, swallowing a lot of light that falls on it rather than reflecting it towards any passing ship. I forgot whether you intended to have some sort of column of light or flame rise out of the top of the tower, but the column of light would need to be very tall to counteract the low profile.

Compare that with Asylum's model, which is much lower, with the light reflecting on a concave bright concrete surface:

That light is easily visible from far away, but also from quite close by.

The model is very promising, though. A shot of the interior to round off:

Also, just in case you are not already aware of them, I did spot a few mesh errors. They were more visible in-game than in the CS, actually, which made it a little difficult to screencap some of them:

I believe we decided that

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I believe we decided that putting the lights on the underside as well as on the top of this would work, right? Is this reading for data merging?

I've moved this asset to 'in

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I've moved this asset to 'in development'. It still needs the error pointed out above fixed, and should eventually get a shaft of light rising out of the top of it, which will allow it to function as a proper lighthouse.

I've fixed up the gaps in the

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I've fixed up the gaps in the mesh mentioned above (and another minor one I caught) and put up an .esp; they should be good-to-go now.
I've also included my take on the light shaft; input would be appreciated, I'm not sure if there's a more sensible way to pull it off than a transparent static. 

I still haven't gotten around

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I still haven't gotten around to checking the latest version in game. It looks excellent in the CS.

While this asset will hopefully be ready for merging soon, so this may be unecessary, I think the priority of this asset should be high.

The texturing on the rings is

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The texturing on the rings is a bit rough when seen close-up, but it won't generally be seen close-up in-game. The collision on the walkway up top should extend to the outside ring; the holes in the outside strutwork aren't large enough for players to realistically fall through. The collision seemed a bit rough on the walkway in general.
As far as the interior is concerned, I found it a bit weird that the roof tile texture was used for the floor of the pipe network in the middle of the room, but that's not very noticable.
Pickier folks might have more to say on the texture work/UV mapping, but not me. Overall, this looks good.

Oops, that's my error

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Oops, that's my error regarding the collision (I could have sworn I fixed it, but I guess not!) I'm putting a fixed file up now.