Fixed Narsis Balconies

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“ First thing are fixed versions of the Narsis Balconies. I don’t know if those have already been fixed in a recent TR_Data, but the old ones I had for Lyithdonea were pretty awful now that I looked at them closely today. So I gave them proper collision, combined NiTriShapes, combined materials, removed hundreds of duplicate vertices, fixed errors in the models themselves, fixed the UV… I think that’s it. Overall, this reduced the file sizes to 25-50% of what they were before. “

sirrah- These had some mismatched UVs on the ropey texture, so I just quickly fixed them in Nifskope. These should be good to go?

File md_Fixed Naris Balconies.7z13.66 KB2016-09-02 21:39
File md_fixed_narsis_balconies_2.7z20.8 KB2017-03-20 20:34