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Reposting a very old list for dialogue that needs work, with some outdated info removed.

"Morrowind lore" topic - add variants to vvardenfell-centric entries
"House Dunmer are the common Dark Elves of Morrowind. They live everywhere on Vvardenfell, in towns, villages, manors, and farms."
conditioned for non-Dunmer: "House Dunmer are even more plentiful on the mainland than they are in Vvardenfell. This is the true heartland of the Morrowind people, and they are proud of the land and of themselves."
conditioned for Dunmer: "The colonies on Vvardenfell were only recently expanded by the Empire. That is why there are so many outlanders living there. Here on the mainland, you will see a lot more Dunmer, and a lot more of our true culture, undiluted by Western customs."

"Western Imperial colonists of various races live mostly in the towns and villages of southwest Vvardenfell."
"There aren't as many outlanders on the mainland as there are on Vvardenfell. What outlanders there are tend to keep to the Imperialized towns of Firewatch, Helnim, and Old Ebonheart, where the laws and customs are still somewhat familiar."
"The native Dunmer cultures are the civilized Great House societies of House Redoran, House Hlaalu, and House Telvanni, each with their own architectures, customs, and traditions."
Take the above out entirely, replace with: "Most civilized Dunmer are part of the Great Houses. There are five of them: House Redoran, House Hlaalu, House Telvanni, House Dres, and House Indoril. There are many other minor Houses beyond these, and unaffiliated Dunmer among the Velothi and Ashlanders, which are not regarded as the same thing despite how much the latter may claim so. Don't worry, it's enough to make anyone's head spin."
"The Imperial cult brings Imperial religion to the Empire's remote provinces. Imperial cult priests provide worship and services for the Nine Divines at Imperial shrines throughout Vvardenfell."
"The Imperial Cult brings Imperial religion to the Empire's remote provinces. They have a harder time of it on the mainland, but Imperial cult priests can still find services and places of worship for the Nine Divines in Imperial towns and forts."
"Town and city Dunmer live either in the metropolitan style of Vivec City, the urban style of towns like Ald'ruhn, or the Imperial style of recent settlements like Caldera."
I would recommend breaking this up by map, something like:

Map 0
"Here in the Vvardenfell District, town and city Dunmer live either in the metropolitan style of Vivec City, the urban style of towns like Ald'ruhn, or the Imperial style of recent settlements like Caldera."

Map 1, 2
Dunmer-only "The Telvannis district is mostly rural farmland or uninhabited hills and bays, occassionally graced by the sprawling towers of our Telvanni wizard-lords. The landscape and the inhabitants are equally unwelcoming to outsiders, and the Imperial colonies in the area barely manage to keep their footholds in Firewatch and Helnim."
non-Dunmer: "The Imperials once thought to establish a curtain wall of forts spanning the Telvannis District to defend against invaders coming from over the eastern sea. It didn't go quite as planned though: the Legion spent more time quarrelling with the local Telvanni than they did defending, and I imagine those forts will be abandoned soon."

Map 3, also Necrom and Akamora
"The Mournhold District is well-settled; House Indoril has been living here for centuries, only occassionally allowing Velothi and Imperial farmsteaders to buy land. Almalexia, anon Mournhold, is the center of commerce and culture. You may find more outlanders like yourself there, or in the Imperial port town along the Inner Sea, Old Ebonheart."

Map 5, also Kartur
"The Velothis district is dominated by the Velothi Mountains: high peaks that were once volcanoes. The Redoran live here in clan outposts and monasteries dedicated to the Tribunal and their Saints. The major city is Baan Malur, sometimes called Blacklight in the Imperial language."

Map 4, 7
"The Narsis District is named after Narsis, the biggest Hlaalu city within it. There's not much else to this corner of Morrowind. There's Argonians to the south, Imperials to the west, Ashlands to the north, and if you manage to cross the badlands, grumpy Redoran even further north. House Hlaalu has its eye on expanding east across the Thirr River, but I doubt the Indoril will take that sitting down."

Map 6
non map 6 - "The Deshaanis District is mostly divided into salt-marshes, salt-plains, and mudflats. No one in their right mind would try living there."
non map 6 - "Despite living in the most inhospitable terrain after Red Mountain, the Dres of the Deshaanis District are responsible for growing most of Morrowind's food. Somehow they've learned how to eke a living out of the salt-saturated plains and marshes."
map 6, Dunmer - "Outlanders call this the Deshaanis District, after their Imperial government carved up Morrowind like a piece of pie for their taxing procedures. Funnily enough, the tax collectors rarely make it down here. I'm not sure what they're afraid of more: the climate or the slavers."
map 6, non-Dunmer - "The ancestral lands of House Dres stretch from the Padomaic coast to the source of the Thirr River. Most clans have a fortified clanstead where well-mannered travellers can find food and shelter. One can also find chap'thil camps herding beasts across the plains and marshes, but be wary: they are not always friendly to outsiders."

"In Telvanni District, the few Telvanni tower towns are just big villages with wizard towers." not for m1
see suggestion for Telvannis above

latest rumors - add alternatives to the default?
"Have you noticed, for all its proclamations about protecting the rights of property and preserving law and order, the Imperial legion does little enough to capture and prosecute abolitionists? That's a bit hypocritical, don't you think?"

"challenges" - missing variants for map >= 3

"geographic regions" - always needs updating
"geography of Morrowind"
"guild guide" - needs TR version for Scouts, Savants?
"settlements in Morrowind" - add m2/m3

- some old outdated names are in forgotten topics, esp. all those crap 'ouad' river names, was 'Vahn Isle' removed?
topics local area, Ashamul, Balsincag Diamond Mine, Boethian Mountains Lighthouse, Dansudipat Egg Mine, Kaushaspi Egg Mine, Molagreahd, Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine, Sodri-Tilur Egg Mine, Soludanni Egg Mine, Terendas Gold Mine, Varethan Ebony Mine, Veramus Iron Mine, Verdunasha-Beracavada Egg Mine

colovian loaf - condition on race?
"Colovian loaves are not actually imported from Colovia, as they would be completely stale otherwise. It's the recipe that's Colovian, though even then it was adapted to Morrowind's native wheat. They can't compare to real Colovian bread, but they're still quite tasty. " Probably fine as is, though maybe conditioned to Bakers and Publicans instead.

little secret
does this need a Dark Elf race condition for “outlander”? do non-DE Cult people call others outlanders?
"Remember: there's always a welcome for you in the Imperial cult. If you're having a hard time here in Morrowind, outlander, come home to the Imperial cult shrine. We'll find a use for you, and help you feel good while doing good."  --would suggest removing "outlander", or replacing that bit with " in Morrowind as an outlander, come home..."


Some generic Topic that

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Some generic Topic that probably should be added soon-ish:

Orange Moss [ingredient]. Commonly found in Aanthirin Region (Fortify Endurance, Fortify Agility, Cure Common Disease, Drain Magicka).

Temple Dome [ingredient]. Commonly found in Aanthirin Region (Blind, Burden, Reflect, Shield)

Velk [creature]. The peaceful nectar-drinking animal. Part hummingbird, part deer, sort of. Herded by the Indoril.

Velk Nectar Sac [ingredient]. A Velk organ. Considered to be the property of the local Indoril lord (Restore Fatigue, Resist Paralysis, Cure Common Disease, Weakness to Fire).

Vermai [creature]. A Daedric humanoid monster thing.

Is there one for Skyrenders

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Is there one for Skyrenders and other inprogress beasties? Not really important right now, but it might be useful to plan it out now.


No entry for Skyrenders yet.

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No entry for Skyrenders yet. Some other TR critters (such as the Hoom) are also currently missing dialogue entries, mainly because they are not featured in the areas that are now being NPC'ed. I listed stuff that's present in the Aanthirin Region--they are a pretty high priority.

But true, it wouldn't hurt to plan entries for other things too!

Looks good, some comments:

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Looks good, some comments:


by being rewritten next to the original lines I think a few have automatically taken a vvardenfell perspective:

conditioned for non-Dunmer: "House Dunmer are even more plentiful on the mainland than they are in Vvardenfell.
Sometimes it makes sense to see dialogue about Vvardenfell on the mainland but this one still sounds like something you would rather hear from the perspective of being on Vvardenfell
conditioned for Dunmer: "  ... Here on the mainland, you will see a lot more Dunmer
is also phrased in a Vvardenfell-centric way, assuming the player comes from there

What outlanders there are tend to keep to the Imperialized towns of Firewatch, Helnim, and Old Ebonheart, where the laws and customs are still somewhat familiar."
Imperial law is officially what is being enforced outside of the imperial towns too, though customs are indeed different

Most civilized Dunmer are part of the Great Houses.
not sure that's the case. For some like Redoran it may come down to the implementation not depicting subtle relations and minor houses, but for Hlaalu many or most aren't "in the party". Then you have cities that are within great house territory and control but not part of the house (those TR calls Velothi by association with the non-House sepcific architecture set), villages...

Deshaanis District
is "Deshaan district"

Vermai [creature]. A Daedric

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Vermai [creature]. A Daedric humanoid monster thing.

Existing daedric creatures don't have generic dialogue, though that might have been unintended