Geranium Trees

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A tree for the Shipal-Shin or Othreleth woods areas, somewhere with orangey-yellowness.

Should be about 3x a person's height but can be taller or shorter.

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I believe the leaves should

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I believe the leaves should be more spikey or sharp on the edges to go with morrowinds harsh nature can we get a mockup of that 

I quite like the leaves, but

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I quite like the leaves, but the trunk seems a bit smooth at the moment; I think it'd be worth the extra verts to model in ridges in the concept, this might help them seem a bit more inhospitable.

Either way, superb work here!

I don't think that that is

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I don't think that that is necessary. Plants in Morrowind don't need to be spikey or sharp on the edges. Maybe the segments would need those bulges you see in bamboo :
But that might end up giving the geranium trees too much polygons. What I might want to see though is more differences in the  size of the leafs, and maybe a wider stem. For the rest it is looking really good! laugh

The contrast with the smooth

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The contrast with the smooth slender trunks against any other tree in mw is probably what's doing it. I wouldn't mind the tree looking more gnarled or spindley if the leaves won't be fanned out at all.

The increase in polygons was

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The increase in polygons was my main concern. Adding these bulges would add like a minimum of 2 rings of polys on every section. This would triple the amount used for the rather small tree. I Could add some of the detail only on the bottom of the tree. Since this area that will be noticed first bij the player. I will also try to simulate the effect better in the texture.

The leaves are placeholders. I will add a variation of leaves to make it look less repetitive. 

-- Mwgek --

If the bulges are like Bamboo

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If the bulges are like Bamboo or Palm trees, they could probably be implied with a good texture job, rather than an increase in poly count. Add more contrast to the divisons, perhaps in a creamy white or tan instead of black. (or keep black and lighten the rest of the trunk)

I would make the bulge part

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I would make the bulge part of the model and stick a good texture on top of it.
from a distance the texture alone wouldn't do it.

If you really want to save on poly's maybe use one plane for three leaves instead of three different planes. But I wouldn't really do it myself.

Hm, are the leave actually

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Hm, are the leave actually supposed to be leaves or are they supposed to be shelf-like shroom caps? In the former case, I think I'd prefer more, smaller leaves. In the latter case, they would need to be changed accordingly. But the current appearance does match the concept art, so that's just my take.

As far as the trunk is concerned, I'd personally prefer if its taper were a bit less pronounced. As far as the segments are concerned, rather than bamboo-like segments the concept art looks a bit more like so to me:

High polies might be acceptable for this plant, as it's probably mostly going to be used in arid Shipal-shin. At the very least, though, the curve of the trunk could probably be made more erratic.