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-The map 4 dialogue placeholders are out of place in some instances (a lot of them), but I made do
-this is my attempt at vigilante NPCing an area
-One NPC has a greeting that sounds like a quest, because it is. I could develop the quest further but I thought I'd upload it here first, hence the 90% completion.

Attached are two files:
1. an esp containing the full NPCing of Gol Mok with greetings, backgrounds, some rumors/secrets, and a mini quest.
2. my "design document" I wrote out before I implemented anything, which will be posted below:

i4-415 (Salvani Manor)
Bol Salvani - Hlaalu House Father; enjoys his post but can't help but feel his talents are being wasted. Spends a lot of time watching ships stop in Andothren to deliver his expensive wine. Ex-Hlaalu mercenary who rose through the ranks from his military prowess and some slight nepotism from his family in Narsis. Soldiers don't normally become nobles.

Aure Salvani - wife to Bol; thinks her husband should try to get another post but doesn't want to rock the boat. 

Two Hlaalu guards - one inside the manor one outside

i4-420 (Serul Farys' House) Locked
Serul Farys (outside) - simple fisherman

i4-421 (Ferila Telano's House) Locked
Ferila Telano (outside) - thinks Drala Hlaren is young and naive, she'll be back

i4-422 (Drala Hlaren's House)
Drala Hlaren - starry-eyed dunmer who dreams of leaving after reading books at the Andothren temple. Possibly sets up a quest to arrange travel and a job for her?

i4-423 (Grum gro-Shalug's House) Locked
Grum gro-Shalug - clumsy fisherman who dropped his pole in the water, miniquest to retrieve it

i4-424 (Roggard's House)
Roggard - old nordic warrior who chose to spend his remaining days relaxing and fishing by the river. Knows a few nordic tricks to catch fish ("Get down real close to the water. Once you make eye contact with a fish yell as loud as you can. If you do it right, the fish will jump right into your net."

Merging notes:
remove the boat, extend the pier out (add a boat with travel only to OE?), change int names, lock the ints mentioned above

To do:
Bol Salvani liquor closet (second floor)
Drala Hlaren moving out quest?
End document

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