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A conversion of the Griffon Fortress tileset (link is external) already converted for Skyrim (link is external). Currently have the tower pieces done, though they don't have proper textures assigned. Atrayonis played around with one of these, hence the Old Ebonheart screenshot.

The original resource states these may be freely used in other mods.

Added the wall pieces – don’t know whether the two textures are completely new or modified vanilla ones, but in either case they’d need to be replaced anyway (to fit Morrowind’s) and serve only to show how the walls are suppose to look like)

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The one problem this tileset

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The one problem this tileset has is the edges – Morrowind’s Imperial Fort set has defined, angular edges, mr_siikah’s are smooth in comparison.

It would be worth it to replace the tower tops of the eight lesser towers of Old Ebonheart with the new tower top here, at least. Might make the actual Ebon Tower not stand out that much in comparison.

Yeah, if we do use this

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Yeah, if we do use this tileset, I certainly think we should sprinkle some of the smaller assets like the buttresses around the complex to try and visually tie it together.

Is this still needed to

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Is this still needed to finish out Old Ebonheart? As then it will be a bottleneck. Otherwise, it would probably be pushed down to low, as except for P:C projects, I don't think we'll be doing any major Imperial locations anytime soon.

Changed status to Rejected

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Changed status to Rejected (sounds a bit harsh).

OE exterior is 100% finished and shan't be subjected to any redos, ever. This is no longer needed as fine a set as it is.