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A guide to Necrom based mostly on existing dialogue.

Guide to Necrom

Necrom is the Holy City of the Dead located on the easternmost part of mainland Morrowind in the Sacred Lands region. This Temple city is where the Dunmer dead are brought, and it’s one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Morrowind. The name Necrom actually refers to the vast and ancient catacombs under the city, which is why the city often called the ”city above Necrom” to distinguish it from the ”city below”. There are four distinct areas to the city above: the Waterfront, the Charnelworks, the Upper District and the Temple District. The Empire has no presence in Necrom and outlanders should be warned. Both the city above and the catacombs are guarded by the Ordinators in Mourning, an elite cadre of their order, who will protect the silence of Necrom against anyone who would dare to disturb it. Weapons, spells, or any disrespectful behavior is forbidden in the Holy City under the penalty of death.

The Waterfront
The Waterfront is where the docks are located and it’s through here where most outlanders who visit Necrom enter the city. A trader and a hostel provide their services to travellers who are just passing by, while the city proper is accessed through the large docks administration building.

The Charnelworks
The Charnelworks is the lower quarter of the city above Necrom and a place of great mourning. It is here where the dead are brought through the Pilgrim’s Gate for preparation before they’re taken to the catacombs. The district is the home of the priests and workers who help prepare and cremate the bodies, and it is also where the Temple bone-smiths create the holy guardians known as bonewalkers in their smithies. The catacombs can be entered from the eastern side of the district.

The Upper District
In the Upper District a myriad of shrines and memorials of bygone days can be found as well as various services for pilgrims. A great number of Temple relics are kept here. Prominent pilgrimage sites include plaza around the Shrine of the First Citizens the Velothi ancestors of today’s Dunmer laid the foundations of the city and the Memorial to the War of the First Council. Outlanders should be reminded that these sites are not museums but places of worship and mourning. The Sinner’s Gate, known thusly for being used by pilgrims who try to keep their distance from their dead ancestors, is located in the southeastern corner of the district.

The Temple District
The Temple district is dominated by the mighty Fane of the Ancestors which stands atop the large Temple complex. Inside the Fane are shrines devoted to the Tribunal gods Almalexia, Vivec and Sotha Sil and their Anticipations the Daedra Princes Boethiah, Mephala and Azura. Strong ancestral magics flow through the Fane powering the Ghostfence on Vvardenfell. Underneath the Fane are the forbidden Temple vaults of Necrom.

The Catacombs
Mourners and pilgrims can access the Catacombs from the Charnelworks district. This where the true City of the Dead lies. The lower reaches of the catacombs date back to the arrival of the Velothi in Morrowind. The catacombs are far too large and complex to map, and they are ever expanded to make room for new generations of dead. The ancient spirits guard their resting place with great passion, but they will also whisper their secrets to pilgrim if they have the ears to listen.
Notable figures
Her eminence the Archmatron, Alvu Sareleth, can be found in the High Offices in the Temple district. Marshal Erendes Hlervan and Canon Simine Turethi, who are in command of the Ordinators in Mourning, can be found in the Watch Barracks in the Upper District and the Hall of Contemplation in the Temple district, respectively. Bradys Hlaalo, in the Chamber of Parting, is the priest in charge of the mourning rituals and corpse preparation in the Charnelworks. Ethaso Athones is in charge of the docks administration in the Waterfront.

Ship transport to and from Necrom can be found in the settlements of Enamor Dayn and Alt Bosara. The Silt Strider takes passangers to Sailen and Akamora.

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