The Hammer of Lavacrash

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Quest Name: The Hammer of Lavacrash

Given as high-rank quest in Fighters Guild.

(This is a quest I made for this cause I have nothing else to do and I want to support this project the poor person way, but I hope my idea is at least taken into consideration. If I make any format mistakes, it's because I am basically clueless on how this works.)

(Steward/Person you report to): "Another job? Well, some archeologists recently dug out some kind of dangerous artifact. Problem was, it was guarded by a lot of Flame Atronachs. A Telvanni wizard would very much like this hammer. Are you up for it?


"Well just tell me when you are."


"Good. The hammer is located in the excavation site of Ivaran Family Tomb, and the Telvanni Wizard, Omerelos, is in (insert Telvanni city here). Oh, also, here are some Resist Fire Potions to help you out."

Recieve 3 Cheap Resist Fire Potions

Arrive at Ivaran Family Tomb

There are bodies of bandits and miners littered on the ground. You make note that bandits were after it in your journal.

Basically the dungeon is medium length and there are flame atronachs and bandit corpses everywhere.

You reach a room with the Hammer of Lavacrush on some kind of weird pedestal. As you approach, an audio clip plays with a creepy voice saying "The unworthy shall perish under the touch of lava."

When you pick up the Hammer, if you didn't kill every single Atronach, it deals 150 damage to you. (Killing most players doing this quest)

As you start to head out, another fighter approaches you, weapon drawn.

"I'm sorry, that hammer is mine."

1-Are you a bandit?

"Ha! Such an innocence! No, I'm a mercenary, like you. Except, I don't exactly play by the rules."

2-You know, I'm not too honest either...

"Oh, really? How about this; You keep the hammer and give me 2000 gold. How about that?"


"Aww, that's unfortanate. Say goodbye to your life." Start combat


"Good. See you around, friend."

2-You can't take the Hammer!

"Ha! I'll have it in a second." Start combat

You go to the wizard.

"Ah. The mercenary. Do your job give me the hammer already, s'wit."

4-I'll keep it for myself,actually.

"Very well. I guess I have to resort to more...questionable measures. Guards!" Start combat

4-Here you go.

"Hmph. Here's your gold, now get out of my face, dog."

Quest End

Hammer of Lavacrash:

Stats of an Ebony Warhammer with this enchantment:

Cast on Strike: 10 Fire Damage, 10 Fatigue Damage, 10 Mana Damage (3000/200; 15 uses)