Hlaalu Charity quests

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The Hlaalu Charity quests focus on a particular Hlaalu plot within the broader Thirr River Conflict. (Compare the Caldera Ebony Mine quests relative to the broader Hlaalu/Redoran conflict). The premise is that House Hlaalu is trying to undermine Indoril economy and society by flooding the Velothi populace with drugs. The flow of drugs passes through Indal-ruhn, making Llananu Raran, a clueless Hlaalu noble who governs Indal-ruhn, and her competent retainer Garvs Anrayn the lynchpin of the plot. On their end, the Indoril, upon discovring the plot, naturally want to put an end to it. The player will be able to do a few quests for both sides.

My notes:
-Hlaalu plot to exploit and undermine House Indoril through a very aggressive moonsugar operation, trying to flood the lower-class of Almalexia with the stuff. Their main goal is to divert Indoril attention from the river Thirr inland, but ideally they also wish to deliver a blow to Indoril society and make a profit on the side.
-the plot is being arranged through Llananu Raran of Indal-ruhn. She has come into contact with local moonsugar smugglers and has convinced them to divert their wares to the project, promising to open up a lucrative market. Evidence of the deal can be found in a chest behind her manor (already placed in-game); probably a copy of the contract, a sample of the moonsugar, some money and anything else that fits and seems incriminating.
-on the Indoril side, either a quest to uncover evidence of such a deal, or the player can just present a ranking Indoril with the contract and get a reward. If a quest, the player may need to ask around with local smugglers first and follow the trail back to Savyani Romalen, though the player would also be able to bypass all of that if they already know where to find the evidence.
-incidentally, Doval Rarayn is a Hlaalu agent probably sent by the company to keep an eye on Llananu Raran, who may have a reputation for being a blundered, perhaps even having orders to shut her up in needed.

Quest A:
faction: associated with House Hlaalu, but possibly open to all characters with a high enough disposition
questgiver: Llananu Raran
reward: the obvious and boring option would be a wad of dosh.
summary: the player is tasked with hooking up with Indoril smugglers (that is smugglers in Indoril territory) and convincing them to pitch in, the main goal being to secure a reliable route through which the goods can flow. This might involve the player snooping around, talking to people to get an idea of the Indoril smuggling network while trying not to arouse suspicion. Perhaps if the player blabs to the wrong/too many people he could be incriminated later.
This quest would naturally not be available to members of House Indoril, or if so only if they have very high disposition with the questgiver, or have otherwise convinced the questgiver that they are not loyal to House Indoril.

Indoril Questline:
faction: associated with House Indoril, but possibly open to all non-Hlaalu characters.
questgiver: a tollmer/one of Ilvi's retainers. If not a tollmer, perhaps the same questgiver as the Burden of Proof quest?
Quest B
reward: no idea
summary: the questgiver mentions the inflow of moonsugar and suspects that there is a source, and encourages the player to ask around and see if the locals know anything, leading to the first smuggler cave, which the player may or may not clear out.
Quest C
reward: no idea
summary: the questgiver suspects that the  operation is larger than that smuggler cave, leading to the player's investigation of local smuggler groups, and the discovery that Llananu Raran is finanacing them.
Quest D
reward: no idea
summary: the player can either choose to reveal the evidence against Llananu Raran, terminating the questline, or might figure out that she is also just a cog in the wheel, which would lead to a deeper investigation into House Hlaalu. (Not necessarily further quests, but could have broader implications on the Indoril questline).

Quest E:
faction: House Hlaalu
questgiver: either the Hlaalu questgiver in Andothren or in Narsis, depending on where in the Hlaalu questline this quest takes place.
reward: the obvious and boring option would be a wad of dosh.
summary: the Indoril (rightly) suspect House Hlaalu of being the source of the moonsugar inflow. The player is tasked with covering House Hlaalu's trail, in the worst case using the aforementioned evidence against Llananu Raran to establish her as a scapegoat, which leads to her dishonourable discharge from her position in the Hlaalu Council Company.

Further quest ideas:
Hlaalu might also try and send the moonsugar through Old Ebonheart, and in general take advantage of the unwitting Old Ebonheart in the conflict with House Indoril.