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Imperial Ebony Armor for the most high-ranking members of the Imperial Legion. Extremely rare in Morrowind.

A new set of armor for the most high-ranking members of the Imperial Legion. Extremely rare in Morrowind: I would prefer if the only person in possession of the full set in the province was Lord General Caecalia Victrix in the Ebon Tower.

The set consists of cuirass, pauldrons, boots and bracers (greaves, helmet and shield are missing--I will probably make those later sometime in the distant future). The set is lighter in weight and has a better enchantment value than regular Ebony armor, but is also less expensive and its armor rating is mostly lower. Basically, the set is meant to be a cross between the regular Ebony armor and the Imperial Templar set. The cuirass piece counts as a Legion uniform.



Exact armor stats:

Imperial Ebony Boots
Armor Rating: 45
Enchant: 250
Health: 550
Value: 5,000
Weight: 20

Imperial Ebony Bracer
Armor Rating: 45
Enchant: 450
Health: 250
Value: 3,500
Weight: 5

Imperial Ebony Cuirass
Armor Rating: 62
Enchant: 450
Health: 1,500
Value: 16,000
Weight: 30

Imperial Ebony Pauldron
Armor Rating: 47
Enchant: 120
Health: 400
Value: 4,000
Weight: 10

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Excellent set. I do wonder

Gnomey's picture

Excellent set. I do wonder whether it would be good to add a bit of a shiny effect to make the set mix a bit better with vanilla Ebony.

One thing though; while I'm not well versed in item balance, generally in vanilla Morrowind sets of armour have a consistent armour rating, and for an Ebony set 45 and 47 seems a bit low, about at the level of Ordinator armour which is gilt, reenforced chitin. 62 is a bit above vanilla Ebony, which is at 60. I'd consider 55 for this set, above glass (50), but lower than vanilla Ebony due to less coverage.

Great work on the textures

Ragox's picture

Great work on the textures Rats!
They could also make some nice late Imperial Legion quest rewards.

The bracers still need to be rotated 180 degrees to not replicate the vanilla bracer bug.
You can do this very easily in NifSkope: Transform -> Edit

Added version 2's of the

Rats's picture

Added version 2's of the files and the esp file. Rotated the bracer (thanks, Ragox!) and set the armor rating of each armor piece to 55 (thanks, Gnomey!). Also changed the value of each piece a little (since this is Morrowind it's not perfectly balanced, but close enough). I opted not to add a vanilla Ebony -esque shine effect--I feel it looks somewhat plastic-y.

This looks awesome, I love

The Violet Euphemism's picture

This looks awesome, I love the golden designs - really makes it pop (as well as the red).

P;C might enjoy this as well.