Imperial Legion quest ideas

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Dump for me, and anyone else with an idea.

--A green recruit in Old Ebonheart is confused because he's not sure if he's supposed to be in this Ebonheart, or the one across the channel.

--Questline to be centered in Telvannis/northern Indoril (not Firewatch and not Windmoth), talking about how those forts were established as a curtain to defend Tamriel's east coast, but have detiorated due to various unforeseen issues and so the Legion moved the curtain back closer to Cyrodiil, assuming the "hostile natives" would make up for the defenses between here and there.

--idea for Old Ebonheart, if no others come up: legions getting confused and causing errors due to miscommunications with Dunmer over the District lines vs. the House lines and where patrolling and jurisdiction is concerned. Best for Indoril areas, as they are the House most concerned with judicial matters. Also could be a good outside perspective on the Thirr RIver Conflict!

--Fort Umbermoth--Sent here to challenge the incompetent current leader here (Cinia Andacia) and take her place, then fix up the fort and help train the troops.