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The new and improved skyrender, as borrowed from the old forums:

File Skyrender.7z542.65 KB2016-08-25 20:52
Binary Data skyrenderEdited5ForExportRelease.max1.82 MB2016-08-25 20:52
File Skyrender_Flight_1.wav3.67 MB2017-03-12 20:38
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This mode lis fine except for

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This mode lis fine except for the death animation, which is still a placeholder. At the very least, the wings have to stop moving after death

Okay, I believe it's been

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Okay, I believe it's been long overdue to finish this creature. So what I did is fixing the mentioned death animation aswell as carrying over the texture paths to the new folder structure. Furthermore I created esp-entries of the creature for inclusion in Tamriel_Data, overriding all of the old skyrender ones, except for the mounted version.

Additionally I added a variant that hovers over the ground rather than fly and utilizes the sitting idle animation that would have otherwise gone completely unused. I think it will give a nice touch to have some sitting variants in between the others.

All of it is playtested and I think it should be mostly good to go now. ThomasRuz' sound is not included because it doesn't work in the current state (too long) and replacements for other sound entries are missing too. Ingame the current sounds are very subtle, so I'm not sure a replacement is too urgent.


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This does not actually

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This does not actually replace the current Skyrender (tr_dres_bug_vo, tr_dres_bug_small_vo, and tr_dres_bug_mtd_vo), so I'm looking if these are actually used anywhere (the mtd is obviously in Port Telvannis). The sounds will need to be reassigned/deleted as well.

Okay, merged as much as

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Okay, merged as much as possible. Abot put up a mounted version, and it's in as well. Turns out the mounted Skyrender in Port Telvannis is actually a unique ID, so it needs to be replaced seperately.

I'll do that informally once the next version of Tamriel_Data has been released.