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Two models for an Indoril dulcimer (one with and without legs) by LiberumAvis.

I think it's high time this gets included (now that we have a person making sounds for it).

sirrah: I've modified the mesh as described below and set them up to play through the song assets linked above from first to last in the .esp.

Requires the sound files "_TRtheme_01.wav", "_TRtheme_02.wav" and "_TRtheme_Full.wav" from the linked asset be renamed to "_TR01.wav", "_TR02.wav" and "_TRFull.wav" respectively.

File LiberumAvis_dulcimer.rar128.05 KB2017-02-04 22:25
File dulcimer_edit.7z145.3 KB2017-03-11 06:11
Binary Data T_De_SetInd_Dulcimer.ESP3.39 KB2017-05-02 14:45


The biggest issue with this

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The biggest issue with this at the moment is the alpha properties on the strings and bridges are clashing with each-other. It might be enough to just replace the transparent holes in the bridge with black ones, otherwise we could physically put holes in the mesh without upping the polycount that badly. The texture on the soundboard is a bit iffy as well, but it might look better with some vertex shading.

The top and the stand both

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The top and the stand both look nice separately, but I don't like how they don't match up and the uprights of the stand are not in contact with the base of the top portion. They look like they should be the main supports holding up the instrument but instead they are all sticking out for no apparent reason.I'd probably also make sure the angles of the sides on that stand matched fairly closely with those of the top, but also set back at least a little from the outer edges of the top so it overhangs a bit like the lip of a countertop.

One other tiny critique, the uprights at the corners of the stand, could probably be reworked slightly so that they have a face on either side that is perpendicular to the intersecting planes of the grate bits on the sides, and then the other two faces would just basically bridge the gaps between those other two, so the outer face would be wider than the inner face if that makes any sense. If not then this top down image may help illustrate what I mean.