"Inverts" Insect

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A proposed insect family. No region specified.


I like that it has a Kwama

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I like that it has a Kwama-esk aspect to it’s appearance, implying they may be of more recent common descent in their evolutionary tree. It looks like something I would imagine to find in cyrodil, as that is where most of their phsyical features would probably come in the most use, and where they would probably survive in nature best. Without complicating things with the long winded explanation, it looks like a junglebug that would thrive from the close proximity of tightly packed trees and foliage, as well as the varieties of pollens and flowers that would probably be found in the jungle.

Ol’ Aze

Then, maybe since it appears

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Then, maybe since it appears to be a jungle bug, it could live in the Arnesian Jungle?

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