Khajiiti Skeleton


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Khajiiti Skeleton,

Should work just as wel as the normal skeleton tough needs more testing.

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Looks absolutely fantastic,

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Looks absolutely fantastic, but the right hand keeps floating away from the arm at the moment (maybe its centre is set wrong?).

In fact it seems like the

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In fact it seems like the vanilla skeletons also have the jittery-hand problem, so it's probably not worth worrying too much about. These are missing their scupulas, though, and need to have their shadows fixed so I'll fix them up now and bundle it for merging. I'm going to put up an Argonian variant while I'm at it, since it's a pretty trivial change to this skelly.

I feel so dumb for forgetting

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I feel so dumb for forgetting the scapulas.. The shadows in still struggling with for all the creatures. Hope you can fix the issues.

Some variation in sceletons will be nice, i think the argonians will be usefull in the southeren regions nearing the argonian border.