The Lament Of The Five Sons

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The Lament Of The Five Sons

They grew up without their mother,
A terrible disease took her from us,
What should a father do?,
I could not comfort them,
I could not guide them.

One of them died of bitter grief,
The other died of the famine,
The third was hanged for a crime,
The fourth found his grave in the sea,
The fifth vanished in the war.

And as he came to Necrom,
He looked up the sky and shouted,
No God on the whole of Nirn,
Is able to relief the terrible pain,
From a parent grieving for their children.

(For the censored and far more common version of this song, the last five lines get changed to:)

No God is able to relieve the pain,
From a parent grieving for their children,
Let the tears be prayers,
For know that Almsivi,
Mourns for each and everyone.

A very old Dunmer song from even before the Tribunal existed, that can be found in Necrom in a cesored form on parchments.
There is the possibility though, that the player could stumble over the very rare original text.

Of course it's translated from the Dunmeri language, so nothing rhymes. :P