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More global improvements, not very showy stuff: some old variants (ft. Yeti) for class-based vanilla “little advice”.

Not Local Nolore = 0
Local TR_Map >= 1
Possible placement: Random100 < 15, right above or right under the generic faction entries copied from vanilla.
Possible placement 2: Random100 < 75, right above TR’s placeholders, “There are always some real experts in certain trades. Go seek them out; who knows what you might learn?”. Will appear rarely, but break up the monotony of said placeholder for certain NPCs who have nothing else available between 10/25/50-90.

Gather any gear from your fallen enemies? Why not try your hand at repairing the notches you've put there yourself. Makes good practice, and you don't risk damaging your own equipment.

(Smith, PC Repair < 40)

Try to sell a weapon to a smith -- they'll grab it, feel its heft, give it a few spins, point out all its flaws and then some, and give you a hard time about it all when it comes to the price, too. Try to sell a weapon to a pawnbroker -- all they'll think about it how much they can sell it for to the smith. And they make a living of it, the traders do, so you better believe they'll take their cut. You want to get the most out of battle spoils? Just skip the middle man.


Get your hands on any bonemold gear from the natives? The material's a bit tricky. That said, even if you can't do it yourself, repair fees are a relatively cheap investment. You know how hard it is to bargain with flawed merchandise.

(Merchants, not Smith, not DElf, PC Barter > 40)

A smith will overplay the slightest damage on a weapon when you're offering to sell. But smiths aren't the sharpest tools in the shed either, and you can be smart. Don't let on that you're selling and get it repaired first -- you'll have a much easier time bartering once your blade shines the right way.

(Merchants, not Smith, PC Barter < 40)

You look at the sky like one who's been plagued by cliff racers. If you get attacked on a path you want to travel back through -- leave the carcass in clear view. The pests usually know better than to hang around their dead.

 (Scout/archer, Dead cliffracers > X / Dead diseased cliffracers > X ) – advice might be made obsolete by OpenMW?

Most beasts in the wild don't prey on their own. You wouldn't expect it, but that even goes for cliff racers. If you're planning to stay a while around a spot, take what you need from the kills but leave the carcasses right there to rot -- might deter others from swooping in, at least for a time.

(Scout, archer, region) – advice might be made obsolete by OpenMW?

Back in the West, all you have to do is corner a guy, perhaps keep the noise down -- worst case scenario, silence the witnesses. Here in Morrowind? It doesn't matter that they're dead. If they saw your face and have any family, your troubles have just begun.

(Assassin, Bandit)

Dunmer are very sensitive about necromancy -- especially when it comes to distinguishing one kind from another. A hedge-wizard conjurer tampering with corpses in a cave? That's bad. Priests raising the dead to guard tombs? Perfectly fine. Don't try to argue that they're the same deal. You'll only end up offending the natives, and in this province that can prove fatal.

(Mage, Enchanter, ect non-DE)

Most Dunmer -- especially those from Indoril lands -- love making a show out of their supposed cultural superiority. If you ever have to do business with a particularly sanctimonious one, let him say his piece and keep your talk focused on the matter at hand. Ignoring veiled insults and racist sentiments is the only way to get along with the natives.

(Merchant, noble, ect non-DE)

Ever heard the tale of Harold the Dimwit? No? Perhaps you have, the title keeps changing. Either way, if you don't want it to become the tale of %PCName the Dimwit, remember what you've reappropriated from which merchants and don't try to sell them their own bloody merchandise.


Moved a couple to this asset

On a related note, I think slight rewrites would be welcome for the following “little advice” lines (copied from Vanilla, for Thieves Guild and Mages Guild NPCs) - it wouldn’t have to be much, most are merely too game-worded…


… except for the “paralyze” ones which are also bad game advice:



Keeping up with the tradition

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Keeping with the tradition of the "little secret" and "little advice" topics having not only worldbuilding but also gameplay tips, another random idea for thieves: reminder that the weight of boots/foot armour influences sneaking. It's easy to forget that MW does this, and MCP fixes it.

Reposting misc old ideas


Some of TR's awkward custom "little advice"