Low Level OE Imperial Legion quests


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Three quests meant to get you into the faction and let you travel to the other forts to accept quest. Naturally high level quests will be included at the very high end once the TR bureaucracy determines the OE bureaucracy :)

1. Judge and Jury
You are given a billy club that does little damage but drains fatigue. The legion is attempting to restrict its use of deadly force within the city to appear less ruthless to the locals. A fight has broken out between tradesmen peddling their wares near the fountain. One thought he had claimed the area to set up shop but the other disagrees. The first one claims to have a written statement (from the treasurer) giving sole right of the area to him, but the other one got there first - hours before he showed up. With a medium-high int check or if you're high enough ranking in the legion you can point out that the treasurer doesn't have jurisdiction over land distribution, the duke does. He will admit its a forgery but leave who gets to stay up to you. 

No matter which one you choose it'll result in the opposite one attacking you. They're unarmed and deal very little damage. If you slay one, you fail the quest. If you beat one senseless with the billy club he will surrender and be put in jail for assaulting a guard. If you beat both up you fail, but you can lie and say both attacked you. You'll get off with a stern warning.

2. Properly Purloined
You are sent to the sewers to guard the entrance to a vault. Your guarding partner goes upstairs to talk to the commander, and along walks a thief looking to get in. She hasn't seen you before and thinks you might want in on a deal. If you let her through, she'll steal a statue and give you 200 gold if she makes it out. 

Your choices:
-You can kill the thief and succeed but get a stern talking to about brutal force. If you're a member of the thieves guild you're expelled. 
-You can club the thief and super succeed. She's a known criminal and they believe your story over her excuses at to why she was there. If you're a member of the thieves guild you're demoted.
-You can offer to help raid the vault with her and leave your post. Your partner notices you gone and calls the guards. You get a massive bounty and are expelled from the legion and have to fight a ton of guards. (bad end, but an easy way into the vault!)
-You agree to her deal. She quickly runs in and back out, throwing you 200g as she makes her escape. Your partner arrives back and tells you someone just stole a very expensive statue, you need to see your boss immediately. Your boss tells you that your negligence allowed the break in and you're demoted with major rep loss. If you can get the statue back you'll be back in the good graces, but just this time. Quest finished at this point, the rest is optional.

You can track down the thief to the local cornerclub. If you're a member of the thieves guild you get a bonus 500g for being such a good sport. If you want the statue back that'll cost you 1500g, regardless of membership. You can mercantile it down to 1200g with a check. You can say "just keep it" or you can buy it back and get your reputation with the legion back, the next quest starts regardless.

3. Jury and Executioner
A noble in town is threatening to kill his wife for infidelity (really she just spoke to a courier but her husband is a bit of a bastard). The guards have the house surrounded but he's barricaded the door and won't come out unless you bring him the head of the courier. Obviously that isn't an option, the guards have no idea who he's talking about, it could be any of them. You'll have to think of something else

Your choices:
-With high strength you can bust through the barricade. The husband startcombat's the wife. The wife probably dies unless you're extremely quick. You can kill the husband or club him into submission
-You can pose as the courier with medium speechcraft. If you succeed the husband starts to fight you. If you are still wearing your guard uniform he attacks his wife instead
-There are 1-2 homes with alternate entrances. I was planning on using one for this quest. If you sneak in the back way you can free his wife without him noticing then deal with him as you want.

if the wife dies "you did what you could" if she doesn't "great work!"

end of low level legion rewards