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Original post by Roerich:
Malahk Orcs 

What's the stance on the Malahk orcs of the Northern Velothis? If any discussion have been had at all.. I suggest three or four caves in the mountainous regions (so it's more Velothis than it's Uld Vraech, but I couldn't find a suitable thread), each with a group of more savage Orsimer than those you find hanging around Vvardenfell. Perhaps one tribe of 5-10 and two or three smaller tribes. Now I'm not talking Warhammer orcs, but here's what (semi-official) lore tell us about the Malahkorcs: “

And you haven't seen an Orc unless you seen a Malahk-Orc, which run screaming around the northern hills. They make the Orsinium lads look like sissies.

“I remember reading more about tribes of Orcs living in the Velothis, but I can't find any other sources. Can someone help? 

Anyways, as I wrote, I propose a few tribes. These should be hostile, high-level and savage. Perhaps see if we can borrow a few of SHOTN's Orsimer goodies, but I don't think it would be absolutely necessary. Another thing; if we wanted to, we could slightly upscale the Malahk orcs a bit, making them at least as tall as Nords and a bit more frightening to look at. Like this although I went a bit overboard here: “


  1. It doesn't conflict with any lore 
  2. It adds some diversity to the regional enemies 
  3. It could do for some local folklore and rumours 
  4. It makes for some basic Redoran/FG quests (Malakh orcs raiding a caravan - kill them and get the goods back, rescue a local mer taken hostage, kill a Malahk chieftain to secure a region and probably more, I'm no quest expert) “ 

Malahk Orcs, as posted in the Old Forum by Roerich: 

Another post by Roerich on the Malahk-Orcs:
“Marahk-Bazhul is the Orcish name for the stretch of highlands between Nibenay and Southwestern Western Morrowind which is occupied by the beastmen. The valley is said to be hard both to find and to reach, even for trained scouts and mountaineers. The green-skin inhabitants are known to their neighbours as Malahk-Orcs, infamous for their merciless and persistent history of raiding and performing massacres in the name of their blasphemic god. They are feared as gruesome barbarians, who fight with a frenzy and bloodlust completely unknown to any of the civilized races. The few reports of the region that has made its way to Imperial intelligence, speaks of a valley drenched in blood. When the Malahk-Orcs aren’t slaughtering their neighbours or lost travelers, they keep themselves busy in a state of constant warfare between the different Orcish clans that inhabit the various caves and forts. If any of this isn’t enough to make even the foolhardiest adventurer reconsider travelling in this region, there has even been reports of large scale cannibalism among these cursed beasts.”

”Some rather eccentric researchers have suggested that the Orcs have a culture as ancient and sophisticated as ours, and that their seeming mindless barbarity is somehow related to rites of passage or tests of courage. It is highly likely that these researchers have never felt the sting of an orc captain's barbed axe.”

Reason why they are living in the mountains:
Out of loyalty the Altmer ate the flesh of Trinimac, becoming the Orcs. Seeing what The Betrayers had done to Trinimac, they swore revenge on the beings and the Chimer that had done this to their leader. The Orcs hunted them down, or so they thought. They were tricked by Vel-Uth, the spirit of Misdirection. Lost in the mountains they eventually settled, their hatred still intact after generations.



There has been some

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There has been some condiderable discussion about this. I don’t have time atm. to look it up in the meeting notes, but there is some kind of Orcish Switzerland inbetween the Cyrodil/Skyrim border and the area that TR currently occupies.
They have trade relations with the Redoran.