Massassi tree

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Massassi tree

Rough Beta (dumping this here for further improvements)

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Maybe for the Shipal-Shin

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Maybe for the Shipal-Shin region/area, with a palette swap?

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Yeah, Shipal-shin seems like

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Yeah, Shipal-shin seems like a good fit. I’ve actually generally imagined Shipal-shin as having green vegetation, just not a lot of it, though I think I said something rather different in a past meeting where it was discussed due to forgetfulness, but with it being right next to Othreleth Woods that might not work anyway. The palette will be an interesting question to address later; I’m not sure if we want Shipal-shin to be too monochrome.

It works well as a concept,

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It works well as a concept, but personally I think it feels cheap to be reusing portions of vanilla models. These leaves could work well with a new trunk/branch shape, though.

I agree with Kaziem that a

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I agree with Kaziem that a change of colour pallete would be best, I'm thinking Orange, or yellow within and transitioning to orange at the end.