Menaan Dialogue

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excel spreadsheet dialogue for all the NPCs in Menaan, names not created or assigned, placeholders where necessary.

First draft, feel free to add or alter as necessary. Note the 3 tabs, one for specific dialogue, one for journal entries, and one for generic town dialogue

the rows are sortable if you want to sort greetings or responses to specific topics

includes one Morag Tong quest, I have an idea for a forgery quest. The Minor Hlaalu Noble has also been touted as a possible Morag Tong target in the future.


This is very nice. All the

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This is very nice. All the characters are fleshed out and the dialogue fits Morrowind's tone. Menaan does seem a bit too small to be called a city. Rather, it should be referred to as a town. Other than that, I can't see any notable flaws in what has been written so far. The town definitely will need more generic dialogue, (generic greetings, someone in particular, specific place, services, a couple more rumors and little secrets, perhaps, and a general overview topic for Menaan), but all in all, this is a great start.

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