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Replacements for some topic entries, most copied from vanilla and troublesome for more or less obvious reasons, as taken from the old forum (rest of that topic has now been transferred into this or other assets).


little advice :
Let me warn you. The quests for the Temple at lower ranks are not too difficult. But suddenly after you reach Curate rank, the quests get very, very difficult. Don't be surprised if you have to do a lot of skill-building outside the Temple before you can handle the higher rank quests. These tasks are tests of faith, yes, but they are also tests of good judgement and common sense.
Your duties as a member of the Temple become more challenging as you climb in the ranks. Don't be surprised if you have to undertake additional studying and skill-building before you take on the responsibilities of the higher priesthood. Tests of faith often double as tests of one’s good judgment and aptitude. --training instead of skill-building? Or take out skill-building altogether. Otherwise good.

How do you know when you've got a quest too tough for you? If it sounds too tough for you, it probably is. You must use your own judgement. Guild stewards don't really get to know your abilities. All they know is that a guy never comes back. They don't know if he got lost interest, or got eaten.
Guild stewards don't always know whether your abilities measure up to the tasks they hand out. If a guy never comes back from a job, they have no way of knowing if he lost his way, lost interest or got himself killed. Use your own judgement to avoid getting in over your head. --Good.

If possible, always take a single item at a time. It increases the risk, but it's excellent practice.
If you're serious about making your living as a thief, practice stealing whenever you can. Snatch a plate here, a amulet there. It's a risky way to learn, but you'll sharpen your skills over time. Good, though I think they might've been getting at is that pickpocketing is easier if you just take one item? Not sure if mechanics work that way. In any case, I also suggest this:

"If your mark is in a high security area, don't get greedy. A lot of wet ear thieves spend so long shoving everything on a bookshelf down their pants that they don't even notice the guards coming until it's too late."
"The manors around here have so many high-value goods that I doubt the owners would miss a thing or two. Be careful though: the more items you take, the more likely you are to get caught, and your getaway is that much slower with a full pack."

The services required at lower ranks in the Imperial cult are not very difficult or dangerous. But any task you do for the Oracles will be very difficult, very dangerous, and suited only for experienced, powerful, well-equipped adventurers.
Lower-ranked members of the Imperial Cult aren't usually given tasks that put them in any serious danger, but once you've reached the upper ranks, where you're assigned duties by the Oracles themselves, you should be prepared to face difficult trials. No one ever said serving the Nine would be without risk. Fixed grammar issue, this also good to go.

Valenwood is a largely uninhabited forest wilderness. The coasts of Valenwood are dominated by mangrove swamps and tropical rain forests, while heavy rainfalls nurture the temperate inland rain forests. The Bosmer live in timber clanhouses at sites scattered along the coast and through the interior, connected only by undeveloped foot trails. The few Imperial roads traverse vast dense woodlands, studded with tiny, widely separated settlements, and carry little trade or traffic of any kind.
Valenwood is a largely uninhabited forest wilderness. The coasts of Valenwood are dominated by mangrove swamps and tropical rain forests, while heavy rainfalls nurture the temperate inland rain forests. The Bosmer tribes live in settlements built from bones, animal hides and living wood. Few foreigners venture into the heart of the forest, unless they have business in the great tree-city of Falinesti.
I'd also suggest this, maybe for Dunmer Savants: "They say Valenwood is a largely uninhabited forest wilderness, but is it truly? The travellers that go there report miles and miles of uninterrupted rain forest, but I've heard that the Bosmer talk to the trees like they were people. Maybe they're living inside of them, sandwiched in the bark like mites, and you'd never know the difference."

dwemer ruins
Dwemer artifacts taken from Dwemer ruins are very valuable, particularly Dwemer weapons, armor, and other enchanted devices, but they are protected as property of the Emperor by Imperial decree, and trade in such artifacts is illegal.
Don't even think about smuggling Dwemer artifacts across the border. The Empire has banned all unlicensed exports of ancient treasure. Sell anything you find locally, in Morrowind. The provincial authorities take a more relaxed view. --Can this be implemented in P:C and SHotN? Otherwise I might go with something like this, maybe only for Thieves Guild:
"Technically, the sale of Dwemer artifacts is illegal, but I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for it. Why? The Empire is having trouble on the home front. None of the officials would look askance at a little extra coin or a few powerful ancient weapons making their way into the Imperial Legion's hands."

If you edit Mainland for these, consider also the required language/grammar fixes or trivial changes for these topic entries:


durzog meat
- nourrishing -> nourishing

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Removed the rest: they no longer exist as TR duplicates with the faction merge, reported them to the new unofficial patch "Patch for purists" instead




Valenwood and most "little

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Valenwood and one or two "little advice" have already been carried over from faction merge mod

Others yet to be added

On your suggested additions,

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On your suggested additions, that would probably clash with the tone of Savant lines which aren't so conversational. I guess the same goes for most generic class dialogue but with savants in particular those would better go to individual (even nolore?) NPCs