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Just a really quick idea I wanted to jot down, perhaps there is an Orc in one of the missionaries in OE Castle who snores like a rock every night all night. One of the chamberlains or emmissaries shares a wall with the Orc in the sleeping chambers and its been driving him mad for a while now. He asks the PC to go see [whoever] in the Mage's guild to get a potion of silence disguised as a bottle of (what do Orcs drink???). 'Every night, before he goes to sleep, [Orc's name] downs a bottle of (whatever) like it's the secret to agelessness! The least he could do is even let it airate for a few minutes to bring out the real base notes! But no, down his green gullet it goes.' He hopes it will silence the snoring, if at least for one night so he can get a good night's sleep. '(Mage's guild person) already knows to add it to my tab, and to get a potion strong enough to last a full 8 hours it'll set me back a few weeek in wages, but it'll be worth it.'

PC goes to mage's guild and talks to whoever to try and get the potion, 'Oh no, I'm not going to add anything to (quest giver)'s tab anymore. They still owe me for that enchaned candle they had me whip up that was supposed to summon an ancestral ghost when it was lit. Gods, the weeks of carving incantations into different candles until it finally worked, and I still haven't been paid for it. Who even needs something like that anyway?!? No, tell him he needs to pay up or find someone else to do his mad experiments. He barely just paid me back for the repair hammer that he had me imbue with armor degradation SIX MONTHS ago.' Now the player has a few choices.

1. 'Well how much does he owe?' Offer to pay the 600 or so drakes so the mage will gladly brew up a super potion of silence disguised as whatevr drink.
2. 'I'm sure he's good for it. Plus, don't you like experimenting with magic deep down anyway? Isn't that why you joined the guild in the first place, to expand your knowledge?' Hard speechcraft check, convinces the mage to add it to the tab.
3. Confront the quest giver. ' Why all the whacky experiments?' 'Look, you think you're the first one I've asked to try and fix this for me? No, I tried begging the petulant emmissary officers here to move me somewhere else, but they say the quarters are all full. I tried begging the orc to stop snoring, and he denies he even snores! I ask anyone else if they can hear him snoring, but they can't because my damned wall is the only one he shares his big fat ugly head with! I tried getting his repair hammer to ruin his armor and maybe they'd move him outside the walls in a different position for lock of proper uniform upkeep, but the big oaf just loses the hammer before he can even use it! I tried using a cursed candle to make him think his quarters are haunted so he'd move out, but he just snapped the damn thing in half and mocked anyone who needs a candle because they're afraid of the dark! I...I simply can't deal with this anymore! %PCName, you really are my last resort here, before I...I just...I don't want to do it, but...' There's a skill check here for speechcraft, see below.

Couple different outcomes here. 

1. Get the potion for him and he's happy, says to come back tomorrow for your reward. 24 hours later, journal update, turns out the potion was a bit too strong and now the Orc is forever silenced. Quest giver is actually estatic and gives the player one final trick he had up his sleeve to deal with the Orc, a pillow that was enchanted with poision, as well as some Cyrodillic food ingredients.
2. The player passes the speechcraft check. 'Don't want to do what? Don't do anything you may regret for the rest of your life...' 'I can't stand it anymore though! I poured poision all over this pillow and I was going to swap it out for his normal pillow on him tonight. You don't understand what it's like having to live on no sleep, day after day after viscious day; a never ending cycle of hoping for just a few more minutes a night, only to have to wake up and file paperowrk or march here and clean this up or that up or take this report to there! But...you're right. I can't dishonor my post or my family name like that. Ugh, fine. I will just have to take to sleeping at one of the inns or something. Thanks, %PCName...I guess the lack of sleep has my judgement clouded.' 
3. The player fails the speechcraft check OR the player fails to get the potion. 24 hours go by, journal update, Orc is dead and quest giver is in the prison cells, raving madly about how now he can finally get some sleep in  the nice quiet cells. Maybe there could be another Orc down here who snores as well, and the quest giver finally cracks and just laughs maniacally whenever the pc greets them. Orc's body can be looted for the bottle of whatever alcohol and maybe a chest near his bed could be looted for a skill book?

Alternate plot twist, if the Orc gets silenced the pc may miss out on a quest the Orc could have offered or services he could have offered since any topics clicked with him result in '...'


I like it I'd to add a line

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I like it

I'd to add a line or two talking to the orc about his snoring. I wonder what he would say about it. Would he be apologetic or just continue denying it? Or is he a complete dick to the emissary? Depending on how you write the orc would alter how I complete the quest. If the orc is a real douchebag I'm going to kill/silence him no qualms given. If he says "I have sleep apnea, sorry" then maybe I won't be as quick to murder.

what would ~you~ say the tone should be

Ah, sorry, I was really tired

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Ah, sorry, I was really tired last night and I guess I didn't think of that. There should be an option to speak to the Orc to convince him to sleep elsewhere with a speechcraft check, and maybe the quest giver will actually give a reward of 100 gold or so for being so happy. Player confronts the Orc:

'Me? Snoring? Gah, have you been speaking to that (quest giver) too? There's something off about him. I guess he's the brother of some court justice back in the Imperial City, so he was given an embassy role out of pure pity. But supposedly he had a bit of an episode out in Chorrol county so they moved him here. So no, I don't snore! Well, at least as much as I can remember. Not sure, I left my mate back in High Rock years ago when they offered me this position here, but she never complained about it. Then again she had breath that could knock a Lamia sideways, so who is she to judge?'

(Quest giver) is really losing it from the lack of sleep, it might be in everyone's best interest if you find somewhere else to sleep at night: (Speechcraft check) 'Ahhh, maybe you're right. This bed's been giving me back problems for a while now anyway.' or something. A fail would just have him say 'I don't care what he says! For all I know he's as crazy as a speckeled hagraven! Tell him to go sleep elsewhere if it's that torturous for him.' and then it would route back to speaking to the mage or the quest giver. Maybe the initial journal entry could hint 'Maybe I should go speak to (Orc name) as well...' 

Overall the tone of the quest should be left open to interpitation. On one hand, the Orc drinks himself to sleep and Orcs being Orcs he probably DOES snore, but on the other hand the quest giver should be subtly 'off' enough in his near-endless quest to quit 'the noises that go bump in the night' that it may just be possible that the Orc doesn't snore and it's almost a case of The Tell Tale Heart where its his own fault he can't sleep at night and the lack of sleep is perpetuating his maddness untl he finally snaps and kills the Orc.