Mysteries of the Worm

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A necromantic spellbook with some weird sigils. The player can learn a soul trap spell from the book. Should be relatively rare in Morrowind.

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Made a new spellbook for TR

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Made a new spellbook for TR (see: UESP's article on TR spellbooks) with some BookArt, because we really don't have enough spellbooks with BookArt. The Daedric phrases in the magic sigils are from Mannimarco's letter in Daggerfall and read "No mortal pride / No petty greed / No earthly desires / I will not offer you gold or gems. I will offer you what only I can give".

If the player's Intelligence is 85 or above they learn a new Mysticism spell, Necromancer's Soul Trap, which soultraps and absorbs the target's health. In addition, the spell will split the trapped soul into three.

split the trapped soul into

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split the trapped soul into three

If that's referring to the multiple soul trap effects glitch, I think it might be version-dependent...?
Neat designs!

Yes, the spell has three

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Yes, the spell has three separate soul trap effects. I have Morrowind ver. with the Morrowind Code Patch, but the glitch (if it indeed is not intended) seems to work fine.

I might also be confusing MW

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I might also be confusing MW versions with Xbox or Openmw versions, which wouldn't be relevant for such a harmless feature. I don't doubt that multiplying a soul by casting more spells on it was unintended, tho come to think of it that could raise possible complications (can you triple Vivec's soul? does it even fit in more than that one azura gem?)

Bump for review for inclusion

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Bump for review for inclusion. Giving this my approval, though I'm afraid someone else would have to figure out how to put it ingame.