The Mystery of the Mushroom


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TITLE: The Mystery of the Mushroom

Outline (points to cover)
--phenomenon of the disappearing mushroom
--use of corkbulb and adobe instead of wood
--travellers navigating by mushroom get lost
--mushroom spores, allergies, and musks
--Telvanni techniques vs. Bosmer techniques in shaping for dwellings
--ecological niches of deciduous trees vs mushroom--shade cycle, animals dwelling inside stems

The Mystery of the Mushroom
by Cantur Caelmoryn
Perhaps one of the most noticeable features of the Morrowind landscape is the lack of trees and overabundance of mushrooms. In some parts of Aanthirin and Alt Orethan, entire forests of fungi dominate the landscape, casting wide circles of shade and contributing to the air their peculair earthy scent for miles around. However, many amateur horticulturists would place these mushrooms in the same niche as deciduous trees in the homeland and think no further on it.