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The player is contracted (if a thief) or bribed (if temple member) by an agent skulking on the outskirts of Necrom to “borrow” the remains of a friend recently laid to rest in the catacombs. They are given the pen of the deceased which will float, rotate and sympathetically point towards the correct direction when placed on the ground.

When delivering the remains to the intermediary, the player may find out (speechcraft slip/pickpocket) the identity of the employer, an illustrious poet – one who has recently been contracted by their protector the King to compose an epic or elegy. In said poet’s house, behind a locked door, will be the ghost at work.


Nothing more than elementary

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Nothing more than elementary math – but it doesn’t have anything to do with the idea behind the quest which is stealing remains from the catacombs and making a bad pun, so on second thought may be better without.
On third thought though, stealing remains from the catacombs would still require a way to locate them, and anything to do with records or dialogue would be more unintuitive...

I like the general idea of

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I like the general idea of finding a “ghost writer” to cover for the NPC quest giver’s lack of creativity, though the quill being involved makes me want to know more. “Why” is the quill enchanted to point out its old writer like this? Is there a poltergeist behind it? Is it attuned to its old writer? And why would it be attuned? Did the writer enchant the quill to write for him (like Feyfolken) but was so egotistical he made it so that it won’t write for anyone else but him? Does it write gibberish without him or a strong creative mind wielding it, which the quest giver isn’t?

Long story short, I see a lot of potential, it just needs something more.

Right, but beyond making no

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Right, but beyond making no sense it also distracts from the point there – more than one gimmick in a same quest? too confusing.
If you want to reuse the idea it shouldn’t be too hard though, just put the neglected wife/husb’s soul in the quill, don’t warn the player, it springs out and attacks the other ghost when you find his bones...

Quill Rotation Script

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Floats and points towards fixed coordinates, no matter where it’s placed in the cell.
Feel free to use/edit however you wish.  Replace XCoordinate and YCoordinate with a single number each (the location of the remains), and apply the script to the quill/pen.