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The vanilla Morrowind’s selection of Sound Activators for interiors and exteriors is quite limited and starts to sound repetitive pretty soon. Here are some new sound effects to be used as looping Activators in various locations.

Update March 20th

I've added a 7z file with the ESP and the sound files. 24 sound effects in total. There are quite a few of them, but I feel like that here more is more--TR's exteriors/interiors could really do with some diversity. Some of them are looping and are assigned to Activators, so they can be placed into the in-game world by interior and exterior developers. Some don't have activators, however. Those are meant to be used in scripts whenever a dev feels like they'd be appropriate.

  • T_SndObj_ChainMechanismSound of a chain mechanism clanking; good for raising gates, elevators or any location with some machinery. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_ScObj_Chains - Chains or shackles hanging and rattling; a must-be for any dungeon with chains. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_ChloridePool - Sound of a suffocating, poisonous pool. Good for Dwemer ruins with acid baths and such. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_CommonDrumShort sound effect of a small guarskin drum.
  • T_SndObj_CommonKotoShort sound effect of a traditional string instrument being picked.
  • T_SndObj_CommonLute Short sound effect of another traditional string instrument being picked.
  • T_SndObj_DeshaanPool - Sound effect for Deshaan acid pools. Looping. Assigned to an Activator
  • T_SndObj_ForgeBellows - Sound of bellows being used.
  • T_SndObj_HauntedChoirA choir of ghosts singing and whispering. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_HauntedHymnGhosts singing a slow, grim hymn. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_HauntedSkyburialSound of a Dres skyburial; otherworldy chanting, wind effects and subtle bells. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_LargeFireA large fire roaring and crackling. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_LargeWaterfallA massive waterfall or a large rapid. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_RopeSqueakA ropebridge squeaking. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_ShrineBalSound of a Molag Bal shrine being activated (for future use in the Deshaan).
  • T_SndObj_ShrineDagonSound of a Mehrunes Dagon shrine being activated.
  • T_SndObj_ShrineMalacSound of a Malacath shrine being activated.
  • T_SndObj_ShrineSheogSound of Sheogorath shrine being activated.
  • T_SndObj_ShrineTroublesSound of a Daedric shrine pertaining to the House of Troubles; chanting which sounds almost like laughter. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_WaterTrickleTrickling water, echoing; good for grottos. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_WindChthonicWind sound with some underwordly vibes to it (earth crumbling), good for really deep underground locations. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_WindEerieAn eerie sort of wind; good for ice or crystal caves or places that have something magical going on. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_WindHowl A cold, howling wind; good for mountain peaks, for example. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.
  • T_SndObj_WindParticlesSound of wind moving small particles--like sand, dust or snow. Looping. Assigned to an Activator.

[All sounds are either recorded and edited by me or downloaded (and then edited) from under the Creative Commons 0 License]

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I really love the cave and

Ragox's picture

I really love the cave and haunted additions, water_trickle is very nice as well for some extremely wet caves. Great work.

I don’t see where we could use water_creek and water_wavescrash though; water_creek sounds like small amounts of water falling continuously down from somewhere and we currently don’t have something like that.
The same can be said regarding the waves sound, the game’s open waters are completely calm and placing this kind of sound would seem very out of place if we don’t have the corresponding visuals for it.

The sounds loop very well overall and I don’t see any need for further improvements.

So I’d say let’s add all sounds but water_creek and water_wavescrash.

I agree most of these would

RyanS's picture

I agree most of these would work very well with the game. I especially love cave_howl.wav.

I also think that water_trickle and water_wavescrash.wav would seem out of place in their current state. However, I suppose we could create a water drip animation for the former sound to correspond with if we really wanted to. Also, if water_wavescrash.wav was made a bit more subtle in-game, it could work.

Water_creek.wav could be used with some of the flowing water references placed around the northern VM region and a few other places, but I agree it could sound sound a bit stronger.

The haunted_hymm.wav might have to be excluded as well unless we find a new dungeon to use it in, or we could create some other unique cases where it could be applied.

Regarding haunted_hymm.wav we

Ragox's picture

Regarding haunted_hymm.wav we could use it as an additional sound for all ancestral tombs, or we could rename it to vampire_hymm.wav and use it as an exclusive sound for vampire-infested places. 

I don't know, it sounds kinda

Ragox's picture

I don't know, it sounds kinda too ritualistic for that, that's why I think it would be perfect (and quite scary) in vampire locations.

Added a new looping sound

Rats's picture

Added a new looping sound effect – dres_skyburial.wav –  that could be used for Dres burials (ashen corpses atop towers/mountains). It has a couple of layers of chanting/sing-songy stuff calling for the Good Daedra, wind sounds, and very silent chimes and bells mashed together.

These are great. I'm loving

twothreezero's picture

These are great. I'm loving that chlorine/acid pool one in particular. For the Deshaan version you should remove all the heavy background ambience and just leave the acid hiss and maybe some extra bubbling liquid noise to fatten it out.