New texture for "T_Imp_Furn_TapestryTamrMap_01"

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A new texture for T_Imp_Furn_TapestryTamrMap_01 model

This is a new texture 2048x1024 for the “T_Imp_Furn_TapestryTamrMap_01” tapestry which previously featured the in-game map of Tamriel from TES1: Arena.

To install, just extract and overwrite: textures\tr\c\

Link to file (Google Drive, 7z.)


(Note that the texture in the

Rats's picture

(Note that the texture in the preview picture is scaled down to roughly half its real size due to upload file size limitations)

Looks good. I think the ocean

Atrayonis's picture

Looks good. I think the ocean should be a bit darker, but this is alright as it is.

I've put in a 512x256 image in the normal folder and the 2048x1024 texture for high res.