Pilgrim's Pile

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A small plant, the Pilgrim's Pile is so named because it resembles the small stone markers found along pilgrimage routes. It is a squat stone-fleshed succulent plant with a triangular cross-section and small frills on the sides. These frills can drop off and become new plants, or some develop into flower buds on rare occasions. The flowers resemble swamp mallow. The plant grows along roadways in the regions of Necrom and Mournhold, and across that general region. It is found more rarely elsewhere.

The plant is mostly a dark greyish green, but has purplish red coloring on it as well along the edges. Lighter swirlish shapes are faintly visible on the flatter sides and are reminiscent of inscriptions. The plant is about 12 in (30cm) tall or so, but varies a little in size.

Lore-wise, the plant is not terribly important, but it's location and appearance led to its name, and therefore the plant is mildly revered by the Temple. Its resemblance to small piles of other things found by the sides of well-traveled roads is occasionally used as a blaspemous reference.

The plant can be broken open with some effort to find an aloe-like goo on the inside. The goo is edible, though flavorless, and works well as a carrier for medicines though it has no medicinal effects itself. It is gelatinous and can be mixed with water to make a substance that does not freeze easily. The goo becomes nasty in color, texture, and flavor when heated to the point of boiling.