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An envoy from the almalexian court is in Necrom requesting what’s left of a long-time deceased noble without living descendence be brought up to be heard in an old case, a minor dispute,
(The trial had been “adjourned” for five hundred years – as a way for the court to preserve its digntiy when they couldn’t get the defendant to show up or didn’t think it worth the resources to try; unfortunately that one happens to still be alive – it’s the Telvanni Lord of Helnim  Narrusa Darythi – so that legal procedure imposes it actually be held)

The Temple player is tasked with deciding the answer if they are high-rank, or only retrieving the remains otherwise. They resort to the Artifects to locate the remains, given how far ahead in the catacombs they have been pushed.

Either way it turns out the envoy was merely stalling, as their next task is delivering the summons to Narrusa Darythi .
Optional follow up if the player takes pity on the terrified messenger: delivering it themselves (Dral zaps the message to dust and immediately forgets about the player if they survive)


Basically undoable until “the

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Basically undoable until “the Almalexian court” or the actual fate of Dral have been defined. And this is still a way off.

Also not too keen on Dral killing the NPCs – this will need to wait until the way Dral acts has been designed by comitee. We have had discussions during the weekly meetings about Dral, and we disagreed with one another. This would be jumping the gun I think.

Got mixed up, meant not Dral

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Got mixed up, meant not Dral but the lord of Helnim (not a memorable name, that one). Doesn’t really matter who the telvanni is, though the other notable ones are either upstarts or seem too involved in worldly affairs (Rathra) to be that old, (imagined Baladas, but can’t risk having the player kill an important vanilla character)

Nothing about the telvanni killing any NPCs; nor is the court itself involved, the whole thing above happens in Necrom (and optionally in a telvanni hall). No obstacle to mentioning it, just like not having Blacklight doesn’t forbid placing a redoran NPC elsewhere! Ultimately the exact legal apparatus doesn’t matter either, all that’s needed from it is that the notion exists and can be namechecked once by the NPC – I purposedly picked something that isn’t there yet (except in some TR books) because that’s the sort of small touch which is completely inconsequential yet consolidates world-building the most for the player.