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This asset is up for grabs. If anyone would like to contribute with art or models, go right ahead.

Punavit is fermented velk nectar, which is drunk by House Indoril. This claim is for the assets needed to make a set of cups, jugs, etc to prepare and drink it with.

Topic was previously discussed in the old forum:

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Made a few concepts to

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Made a few concepts to hopefully round out this set:

-light green colour is green glass, teal has the same texture/a similar texture to culdems and the intermediary colour is some kind of metal. (tx_mh_metal_02.jpg, tx_mh_trim_03.jpg or some fancy iron texture).
-The sieve is only really used with the individual cups, and so should be sized to conform to them. (I didn’t really draw the cup correctly in the example sketch, but you should get the idea). The glass ‘beads’ on the sieve would probably just be a texture; they could also be simple tetrahedrons with four polies each, but they would be tiny.
-I think the bulbous resin jar variant should be used.
-I drew some alternate ‘feet’ for the ash jar and communal cup with more flowing lines.

The full set to scale:

The individual cups might be a little on the small end; if they are sized up, the sieve would have to follow suit and the tap of the samovar would have to be raised to accomodate it. I haven’t colour coded Kaziem’s concepts, (ooh, alliteration), but they should be pretty straightforward: stirrer would use the metallic texture, the individual cups would follow the precedent of the communal cup, the samovar would be as shown and the market jug would use the culdem texture or one like it.

Looking good, nexos. Can you

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Looking good, nexos. Can you add this to the main post? You’ve been added as a Developer and should be able to edit the main post directly.

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Nif-ified these, adjusted the

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Nif-ified these, adjusted the scale to match Gnomey's concept, and set the centres to snap together (with a grid-snap of 2).

They could probably be adjusted a bit to fit more cleanly in parts (the prongs on the cup clip the kettle a little, and the base of the cup could be adjusted to accomodate the handle of the ashjar lid), but I think it looks alright in the CS. We still need the stirrers, individual cups, resin jars, nectar jug and sieve to complete the set.

Edit: Actually, looking again at Gnomey's concept it seems like the communal cup is supposed to have it's own attached base that looks like, but is not actually, the ash jar? I had interpreted it the same way as Nexos, evidently.

Added the 'market jug' asset.

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Added the 'market jug' asset. The market jugs, in-game name Punavit Jug, are the means by which fermented Velk brew (Punavit) is transported to the Indoril lords, from where they consume it in an elaborate fashion. Drunken directly, Punavit has negative effects; it could also be an illegal substance for non-Indoril.

The jugs are big and heavy, as they're intended for transport, so a weight of 10.00. Value is high, let's say 100. Effects are:

Sound (one becomes susceptible to spirit whispers)
Weakness to Fire (from the Velk nectar sac ingredient)
Weakness to Common Disease (instead of resistance; general idea is one becoem sensitive but alert)
Fortify Fatigue (instead of resist)
The general principle is that Punavit makes people very sensitive, with both good and bad results.
As far as the magnitudes of the various effects, I don't have as good of an understanding of balance as other folks.
I'd say weakness to common disease and fortify fatigue should have fairly low magnitudes, weakness to fire and sound medium magnitudes.

For duration, let's say ~60, ~30, ~30, ~30 or something.

The icon has not been tested in-game, and so might be wonky. The model is scaled incorrectly, (the selection box is too large); its scale needs to be set to 1 in NifScope (from either +10 or -10), and then it needs to be scaled back in Blender (by -10 or +10, respectively). I don't have Blender, so somebody else will need to tackle that. The texture filepaths for the .nif are incorrect due to wonkiness on my computer's end and will need to be fixed.

Uploaded the fixed model, and

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Uploaded the fixed model, and I've confirmed that the icon looks good in-game. The Punavit Jug model should be done.

Fortify Intelligence or

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Fortify Intelligence or Magicka instead of Fatigue, I think? I'm trying to think of something that a player would want to use, particularly a mage character as the vanilla drinks/drugs take care of Strength and Speed stats already.

I was considering a weak

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I was considering a weak sanctuary effect, but think fortify magicka could work. But this potion does't really need to be one that the player would want to use; it's supposed to be unrefined with negative effects. I'd even consider having drain willpower instead of fortify fatigue...

Oh, is this an ingredient

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Oh, is this an ingredient rather than a brew? A refined punavit potion might still be nice for mage characters.

I could go with either sanctuary or magicka. Maybe a refined version could have both.

I've made meshes for the

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I've made meshes for the sieve, individual cup, resin vial and stirrer, and made icons for the whole set (excluding the samovar, which is currently a static).

Hm, I must confess I'm rather

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Hm, I must confess I'm rather conflicted on this set. The models are nice in and of themselves, but don't really fit the concept art and intended role of the set, which is as a central fixture of Indoril Chapels. This set can afford to spend faces on ornamentation, specifically the loops (which are actually functional, as they aid portability), the velk motif of the seive, the concave sides of the resin jar, and now that I look the tab on the communal cup. This set will be rare and expensive, and probably as valuable to the Indoril as a suit of Daedric armour.
On the other hand, the textures are a large part of what makes the current implementation look 'middle class' to me, so the set might work with new textures alone.

Ah, I hadn't understood the

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Ah, I hadn't understood the seive concept, I'll redo it velk-shaped. I'll see what I can do about adding the loops/tab to the communal cup. The current textures definitely have a rather worn feel, but Nexos did very nice work with them so I'm loathe to fiddle with it; perhaps the 10Kaziem bat-signal should be sent out over these.

Textures could use an update,

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Textures could use an update, not that they're far off but they could use some fiddling to make sure they are fancier looking. If they look a little less worn that might do the trick.

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I think the priority on this

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I think the priority on this asset should be set to high; it will be used in Roa Dyr, which means it should preferably be merged into the next Tamriel_Data update, but on the other hand it is just clutter and can always be added in later.